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We Are Eternal Servants of Krsna

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"We are eternat servants of Krsna"|"I am eternal servant of Krsna"|"we are all Your eternal servitors"|"he is eternally a servant of Krsna"|"every living being is an eternal servant of Krsna"|"he is an eternal servant of Krsna"|"He used to act as Krsna's eternal servitor"|"you are eternal servant of Krsna"|"living entity, as an eternal servant of Krsna"|"one's self as the eternal servant of Krsna"|"I shall work as eternal servant of Krsna"|"I am His eternal servant"|"he is an eternal servant of Krsna"|"his real identity as the eternal servant of Krsna"|"all living entities are His eternal servants"|"Identity as the eternal servant of Krsna"|"he is Krsna's eternal servant"|"his identity is to be an eternal servant of Krsna"|"one is eternally the servitor of Krsna"|"his position as the eternal servitor of Lord Krsna"|"who are eternal servitors of Krsna"|"as Krsna's eternal servitor"

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