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Sons of Brahma

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"son of brahma"|"sons of brahma"|"sons of lord brahma"|"son of lord brahma"|" born from me and have become my sons"|"his worthy son Narada"|"knew that his sons"|"All the sons generated from"|"was immediately generated"|"sons of Brahmaji"|"he knew that his sons"|"his sons to obey"|"begot ten sons"|"generating a great number of sons"|"well-known sons"|"his great sons like Marici"|"Narada, were thus born"|"My (Brahma's) dear son (Rudra)"|"generated in the mind of Brahma"|"very obedient son"|"delivered to his son"|"Brahma's previous sons"|"all his Prajapati sons"|"good sense of Brahma"|"to his disciples and sons"|"acts of their great father"|" that even though their father"|"as his son or daughter"|"


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