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1968 Correspondence

Letter to Sacisuta -- Montreal 17 June, 1968:

And Lord Krishna accepted those arrows piercing His body as if somebody is worshiping with soft rose flowers. That is Krishna's transcendental body. But those who are materialists, they are cheated by Krishna that He is wounded. The materialists will think that Krishna was wounded, but one who knows what is Krishna, knows also that He is worshiped by the arrows. So in the battlefield, neither Krishna was wounded, neither Bhismadeva.. died due to the injuries out of the wounds. He decided to pass away at that time, therefore he died. These things will be more and more clear when you understand Krishna by revelation. I think if you make progress in your present attitude, you shall soon know all these intricacies of spiritual and material living conditions.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Tittenhurst 28 September, 1969:

A preacher's position is like this: He should have firm faith and love for Krishna. He should make friendship with devotees. He should be very much charitable and kind to the neophytes and he should avoid the company of nondevotees. This program suggests, of course, that a devotee who is not in the neophyte stage can discriminate what is Krishna, what is devotee, what is neophyte and what is nondevotee. Unless one is able to discriminate, he is to be considered to be in the neophyte stage. In the neophyte stage the position is that the neophyte devotee worships the Deity in the temple with great awe and reverence, but he cannot discriminate who is devotee, who is nondevotee and who is neophyte. I think you must be in the second stage and should try to discriminate as above. Any devotee wanting to see you should be welcomed, but your treatment should be according to his position.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Tittenhurst 15 October, 1969:

Therefore it must be published in the book, but it cannot be published in any public paper. That is the instruction of my Guru Maharaja. Actually, rasa lila means to curb down the lusty propensities of the conditioned soul. Unfortunately, it acts differently on the conditioned soul if he is not prepared to understand what is Krishna. So do not try to print this.

Yes, I am very much anxious to go to Boston as soon as possible, but at the same time I want to see London center well established. Since I have come here Krishna has given us our permanent place which was in dispute at 7, Bury Place. It is very well situated, and perhaps London center will also come out very successful in the near future. The Hare Krishna record is going on in England nicely, and I heard that in Australia it stands 4th on the list of 50 important records.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Chaturbhus -- Bombay 29 December, 1971:

"You follow your Bible and I follow my Bhagavad-gita." There was no swastika on Arjuna's chariot. Kapidhbaja means whose flag is marked with a picture of Hanuman. So Arjuna's chariot had the flag of Hanuman on it. As far as the restriction for reading the 10th canto pastimes of Krishna. That is only for those who do not know what is Krishna. but you are initiated, so you can read because you know who Krishna is. for example. when Krishna was 7 years old he lifted Govardhana Hill. The nondevotee scholars say that it is mythology, but a devotee will know immediately that Krishna can do anything. Still our Krishna book is so nice that even an ordinary man can read it and derive


1976 Correspondence

Letter to Trivikrama -- Vrindaban 8 September, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated August 13, 1976 and have noted the contents with care. Unless there is some favorable opinions there is no need of opening a temple there.

Unless one understands what is Krishna they will simply accuse us of having idol worship. They must first understand the science of Krsna then they may appreciate the temple. So go and and distribute as many books as possible.

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