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Visnu Murti

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December 2014

make video pages with Nov 23 1968 intro BG

Bhakti Kamala Tirtha Maharaj's emal: [email protected]

Please email me if you need any help.

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Information for new users

  • link to Goals

  • link to Statistics

  • link in manual to the sections of books that we use from Vedabase to compile

  • link to manual

  • send questions about compiling issues to [email protected]
  • my personal email is: [email protected] - for sanga etc
  • skype address: visnumurtibls - for ongoing questions and training

Notes for new compilers

This is just a reminder list of basic guidelines for compiling.

Preparing VedaBase

  • Click here for the list of sources to select in Vedabase.

What we do not compile

  • Synonyms
  • Quotes from an appendix or index
  • Text segments written by the publishers, not by Srila Prabhupada (e.g. forewords)
  • Purports from SB Canto 10.14 through Canto 12
  • Verse summaries at the beginning of LOB, ISO, MM, NBS
  • Quotes in which the expression appears only in a reading being done by a devotee and is not further commented upon by Prabhupada
  • Quotes in which the expression is used by someone other than Prabhupada and Prabhupada does not offer further commentary in connection with the expression

If you come across a page for a Sanskrit term, check with your Vanitutor before compiling.

Guidelines for compiling

(be sure you are using Mozilla Firefox web browser before you start)

Formatting standards
  • Conversations should always show the speakers' names, even if Prabhupada is the only speaker.
  • Lectures show speakers' names only if there is a speaker other than Prabhupada present within the quote. If Prabhupada is the only speaker in the quote, do not include his name as speaker.
    • Exception: Philosophy Discussions - These should be handled just like Conversations (always include the speaker)
  • should include the expression (there may be some exceptions, but this is the general rule)
  • should be complete sentences, ending with a full stop/period
  • are not absolutely required, but should be consistent throughout the page
  • are not necessary for short 'translation-only' quotes
  • Quote text copied from VedaBase must remain exactly 'as is'. Do not correct spelling or grammar, and do not 'skip' through the text to select your quote (quotes must be taken from contiguous text).
    • It is not necessary, however, to include the entirety of a single speaker's passage (in other words, you don't have to start your quote at the very beginning of a speaker's contribution to the conversation).
  • Headings may include minor editing for clarity.

Bugs for version 2.0

  • BG Introduction is not coded properly, it is now Bg Introduction. There is the facility in the compile form to debug this manually so one can get around it. However when trying to copy SB Introduction into the compile form it says when pressing submit "Alert: Ref not found for SB Introduction" this is the same alert for the BG Introduction but in this case no manual alternative is given.
  • When compiling in Adi Lila 4.63 I choose both the Translation and Purport as my quote. When trying to submit it, the remark "Alert: You have choosen a Trans and Pur but no purport is selected" appears, but infact i did. I tried this again with the same result and only on the third attempt did it work.
  • It is not possible to find the link Introduction to Gitopanisad in the Lectures. In this case I get the opportunity to type in manually my options but after exploring all of them, nothing works.
  • In the development skin the statistics for quotes and categories does not appear. These are the ones that are on the main page of vaniquotes. I guess that is only as it is not the final version, but I thought it was wise to mention it.

Studying SP Books

27 ways to study Srila Prabhupada's books, as he so desired.

always, again and again, attentively, carefully, constantly, continuously, daily, devotedly, diligently, faithfully, intensely, minutely, nicely, penetratingly, philosophically, profoundly, regularly, scientifically, scrutinizingly, seriously, sincerely, submissively, thoroughly, thoughtfully, with adherence, very deeply, and from all angles of vision.

Things to Do

[email protected] - Kantilal's email address.

skype:krsnendu [email protected]

  • Pure Krsna consciousness is the birthright of all living entities
  • The actual perfection of knowledge is in attaining pure Krsna consciousness
  • lf there is only one pure devotee in pure Krsna consciousness he can change the total consciousness of the world into Krsna consciousness.
  • When one develops pure Krsna consciousness, he immediately develops his eternal servitorship to Krsna.
  • The awakening of pure Krsna consciousness, which is the perfection of the living entity, is obtained only by surrendering to the Lord, the propensity for which is eternally inherent in the jiva

possible pages

"without mental reservations"|"without any other reservation"

"no reservations"|"no reservation"

  • casual readers

"belie* word*"@5

    • fix our minds and actions on the ultimate goal
  • Arjuna's killing was as good as killing by the Lord Himself

power of attorney



sooner or later

False egoistic acceptance of things conditions one, whereas acceptance of things as they are makes one liberated

spoiled life

the story it told

two kinds of instructing spiritual masters

non Krsna

one can clearly see how a Vaiñëava delivers a fallen soul by a transcendental trick

step by step

This Kåñëa consciousness movement is a transcendental science, and there is no room for jealousy

Sometimes we display our foolishness by accepting someone who is barely educated as a spiritual master

no bar

The disciple must have the following qualifications

While we are in the human form, we should put an end to this nonsensical stage performance

Every word we hear has a meaning behind it

centers of learning

beat around the bush

  • culture of Srimad Bhagavatam


"krsna consciousness movement is so potent

  • Paradise lost

"miserable world"|"world of miseries"

"world of birth and death"

world of the unborn

world of ignorance

world of duality

world of hypocrisy

world of material attachment

world of death

world of names

world of darkness

world of sense gratification

world of sense enjoyment

world of conditional life

world of material desires

world of matter

material world of fear

material world of samsara

world of men

world of the demigods

world of human beings

world of unlimited energy

world of Vaikuntha

world of the vaikunthas

"soft in heart"|"soft heart"|"soft hearted"|"heart* *

"a gåhastha, he must have some money. He has to take care of the children"


Communications with Compiliers

Sharing Screens via Acrobat ConnectNow

Connectnow to the program

    • Info for the participant - Log in as a guest.
  • Share my computer screen will allow either of the parties to view the others screen
  • on the icon of the person with left mouse click i can choose the level of participation by going to ROLE

Names of Compilers

Linking the Categories

Finished Sections

A,B,C,D,E, J, K, Q, R,W,X,Y,Z

Sections being worked on

  • Visnu working on:
  • Hayagriva working on: E
  • Kanupriya working on: F
  • Arundhati working on: G and H
  • Vraj Kishori working on O, N, and P
  • Matea working on L, S and T
  • Jamuna Priya: working on L and M
  • Bhaktavasagovinda working on
  • Eivind working on N
  • Rita working on O and P
  • Stephen working on U and V

Local server

local server log in code:

Technical stuff


to activate the template for compilers


right hand TOC

{{toc right}}

new users



give only editor rights to compilers

editing tricks for big template

  • drag the open article into an empty tab by going down into the tab
  • make the toc to full
  • then Save it

there will be two open windows of the same artcile. One is for cutting the old text, the other is for building the new TOC. But in order to keep it all cool, I have to open a third window, and to do that, I have to push on the ctrl button the scriptual TOC item such as BG SB etc

Contact details

  • Krishna Murthy from Bombay wants some flyers

[email protected]

Actual template to copy and paste

  • put in new version for quick copying and pasting without having to save

line for Visnu to do his special full toc

change {{toc right}} to {{toc full}} or {{toc small}}