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My Instructions (Prabhupada)

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"I am enclosing herewith the instructions"|"I am enclosing* instructions"|"I am giving instruction"|"I am giving you instruction"|"I am instructing"|"I am sending him some instructions"|"I can give instruction"|"I can give you necessary instructions"|"I can send letters instructing"|"I definitely instructed"|"I gave immediately instructions"|"I gave instructions"|"I gave some instructions"|"I give you instruction"|"I give you instructions"|"I had to instruct"|"I have already given him instruction"|"I have already given instruction"|"I have already given you instructions"|"I have already instructed"|"I have already instructed"|"I have already issued instructions"|"I have already sent necessary instructions"|"I have already sent you instructions"|"I have also instructed"|"I have also sent some instructions"|"I have always instructed"|"I have been giving instruction"|"I have given all of my disciple instructions"|"I have given full instructions"|"I have given further instruction"|"I have given her instruction"|"I have given him all instruction"|"I have given instruction"|"I have given instruction"|"I have given instructions"|"I have given specific instructions"|"I have given the instruction"|"I have given you all instructions"|"I have given you instruction"|"I have got better instruction"|"I have got some instruction"|"I have humbly instructed"|"I have instructed"|"I have no particular instructions"|"I have no special instructions"|"I have nothing to instruct"|"I have now instructed"|"I have previously instructed"|"I have sent Satsvarupa instructions"|"I have written Bhanu instructing"|"I hope this instruction"|"I instruct"|"I instructed"|"I left with you some instruction"|"I may instruct"|"I may personally instruct"|"I must instruct"|"I never instructed"|"I personally gave instruction"|"I remember you were instructing"|"I send herewith instructions"|"I shall definitely instruct"|"I shall give further instructions"|"I shall give him instruction"|"I shall give instructions"|"I shall give you further instructions"|"I shall give you instruction"|"I shall give you instructions"|"I shall give you instructions"|"I shall instruct"|"I shall leave instructions"|"I shall send necessary instructions"|"I shall send you further instructions"|"I shall send you the instructions"|"I simply give the instruction"|"I think this instruction"|"I was instructing"|"I was instructing"|"I will give my next instruction"|"I will give you further instructions"|"I will give you instructions"|"I will instruct"|"I will send instructions"|"I will send you instructions"|"MY FURTHER INSTRUCTION"|"My first instruction"|"My special instruction"|"as previously instructed"|"instruction as I"|"instruction which I"|"instructions I have"|"instructions as I"|"instructions that I"|"instructions that I"|"instructions which I"|"me personally for necessary instruction"|"my definite instruction"|"my former instructions"|"my instruction"|"my instructions"|"my many instructions"|"my next instruction"|"my only instruction"|"my oral instruction"|"my personal instruction"|"our daily class, daily instruction"|"our final instructions"|"our instruction"|"our instructions"|"what your instruction is"


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