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Who Is Actually Renounced? - Prabhupada 0237

660902 - Lecture BG 06.01-4 - New York

Everyone is working, expecting some result. Whatever you do, work, you expect some result. Here the Supreme Personality of Godhead says that, "Anyone who works without any shelter of the result . . ." he works. Then if he does not expect any result, then why does he work? Suppose I ask somebody to work this way. Then he will expect something, some result, some remuneration, some reward, or some salary. That is the way of working here.

But Kṛṣṇa prescribes that anāśritaḥ karma-phalam, "One who works without any expectation of result or reward." Then why does he work? Kāryam: "It is my duty." Not with a result, but as duty. "I am duty-bound to do this." Kāryaṁ karma karoti yaḥ. In such a way if somebody works, sa sannyāsī, he is actually in the renounced order of life."