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1968 Correspondence

Letter to Brahmananda -- San Francisco 6 April, 1968:

So far the quotation by the late minister Shastri is concerned, that statement is printed up in the leaflet with picture on it; you know the one, where he is receiving the Bhagavatam from me. He was very much respectful, and met me three times. He was to help me in so many ways, but he died; he was my friend. In the beginning on the Srimad-Bhagavatam volumes there are some different appreciations written by some influential Indian gentlemen. Hanuman Prasad Poddar also has written several letters. I will enclose one copy for you of a more recent letter, and also some other letters.

Letter to Aniruddha -- Los Angeles 14 November, 1968:

Arati is performed at 1 1/2 hour before sunrise to awaken the Deities. Each offering is made by moving it in 7 big circles, starting at the Lotus Feet of the Lord, and going clockwise round. First of all, burning camphor or ghee (5 fires if possible) is offered in this way, slowly circling them before the Lord. With left hand bell is being rung, and with right hand the offerings are made by circling. Next burning dhupa is offered. Then water is offered in a conchshell. Then a nice handkerchief is offered. Then a nice flower, as a rose. Then the Deities are offered a fan, nice peacock feather fan. And the last item is the blowing of the conch shell three times. Throughout arati there is bell ringing, cymbals, mrdanga, gong, harmonium, etc.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Brahmananda -- London 10 December, 1969:

Another thing, I have received a great complaint against the United Shipping Corporation regarding supplying goods to our Hawaii branch. So pending inquiry, you should not forward any order to them, and if you have got any money due from them, you should try to adjust by taking goods from them immediately. Regarding BTG, I am so glad that you are printing 50,000 copies henceforward. I have received also your press management report, so the only thing to be amended there is that all books especially must be twiced edited, once by Satsvarupa and once by Hayagriva. In every publication house all printing matters are edited at least three times. So we should be very much careful about grammatical and printing mistakes. That will mar the prestige of the press and the institution.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 30 November, 1970:

Regarding worship of Tulasi, it is not very much important. Simply all the devotees may offer a little water every morning and in the evening offer obeisances and ghee lamp (one wick) and circumambulating three times repeating the mantras that I have given you. The plant may remain in the garden.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Bombay 19 April, 1971:

I have sent my passport by registered, insured mail. Kindly let me know whether you have picked up the new passport in exchange for this old one. The old passport may not be delivered to them, but it may be taken back with the word "CANCELLED". Yes, after purchasing the land in Mayapur, we will purchase a house in Calcutta if there is sufficient funds. I am very glad that "Bhagavata Dharma Discourses" activities in Calcutta are going on nicely and it is very encouraging that in one day you have collected checks, etc. for Rs. 8,000 from prospective sympathizers. The Remington House, as suggested by you is not good for our purpose, because it is in the midst of downtown office quarter. Office quarter neighborhood becomes vacant after office hours and besides that, I have seen that Remington House previously when I was in Calcutta and it is not good for our purpose. I think that Mohta house is the best for our purpose. Mr. Mohta's son came to see me and I have asked him to draw the draft of sales agreement. Most probably, he will be coming tomorrow or the day after and when he comes, I shall talk with him. It is understood that he goes to Calcutta and comes back two or three times in a week, so there is no difficulty in this negotiation.

Letter to Makhanlal -- Bombay 10 June, 1971:

I am so glad to hear how things are going so nicely there in preparation for Rathayatra festival and I have read the enclosed brochure for the festival written by you. It is very nice. So far as my going there by the 27th June, that may not be possible. Most probably I will have to attend London festival this year because three times I have attended Rathayatra festival in San Francisco and this time I have been very fervently requested to attend the London Rathayatra festival, where they are expecting 50,000 participants also. So it is not possible to attend both festivals. I will try my best to go to San Francisco also, but there is little chance. Still, I shall go to San Francisco when I return to U.S.A. So you should go on with the festival more enthusiastically, even in my absence.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Brooklyn 28 July, 1971:

Regarding land purchase. There is no need of purchasing land now because their impression is that Americans will buy the land so they have increased the price by three times. We shall purchase later at our convenience at the real price. Let us utilize this eleven bighas of land first, we shall see to more land later. We shall not artificially increase the price at the present moment by acquiring land now.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Visvanatha Babu -- Bombay 3 January, 1972:

Will you kindly ask the local District Magistrate to give me protection in this connection? When you visited two or three times Radha Damodara Temple as Governor of U.P. at my request, at that time Mr. Tewary was the District Magistrate but I don't know if he is still there. Anyway kindly help me in this connection and oblige. Copy of the recent letter received from Madan Mohan Goswami is enclosed herewith.

Letter to Aniruddha -- Bombay 10 January, 1972:

The children should be trained in early rising, attending mangal arati, some elementary education: arithmetic, alphabet, some of our books, like that. They should go to bed by 8 p.m. and rise by 4 a.m. for mangal arati, getting 8 hours sleep. If they take 8 hours sleep, they will not fall asleep during arati. When they get up they should wash with a little warm water, at least three times wash face. They may sleep one hour in the afternoon and there is no harm. Encourage them to chant as much japa as possible, but there is no question of force or punishment. If there is need you may shake your finger at them but never physical punishment is allowed. Try as far as possible to discipline them with love and affection, so that they develop a taste for austerity of life and think it great fun to serve Krishna in many ways. Rising early and mangal arati, this is enough austerity. Besides that, let them learn something, chant, dance, eat as much prasadam as they like, and do not mind if they have playful nature—let them also play and run, that is natural. It is nice if they eat often—if children overeat it doesn't matter, that is no mistake. Boys and girls should be educated separately.

Letter to Nandarani -- Mayapur 27 February, 1972:

As you ask about Rathayatra Festival, I may inform you that this year it is held on Wednesday July 12th, but you may celebrate it on the following Sunday, July 16th. If I am able at that time, I shall most certainly be very glad to come. I think three times I have seen the San Francisco Rathayatra Festival, but I have not yet been favored to attend the London Festival, so I shall very much like to come there if you can arrange and if you like I shall come.

Letter to Rsabhadeva -- London 14 July, 1972:

I beg to acknowledge your letter from Berkeley dated nil, and I am very much pleased to learn that you are trying to find out some place where I can give two or three times a week lecture-class to university students in the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness or Bhagavata Dharma. But one thing is, the sannyasi has no such thing as teaching credentials or "academic vitae." So they can simply decide on the basis of my books and teachings. But I am not an ordinary teacher, I can do it only if I am a guest lecturer. Otherwise they will not take me very seriously. But I should be honored as a guest lecturer and paid well, as well as they should give me a nice house, not very big, but nice. And I will speak twice or thrice in a week to as many students who will come, intelligent boys and girls, and they will get regular instruction in our Vedic knowledge as it is.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Vrindaban 5 November, 1972:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 24, 1972, and I have noted that you have returned to Gurukula to take over the managing because Stoka Krsna has left to go to Los Angeles at his whim. This is not good, this unsteady position. I have never been in favor of this practice of many times changing the responsible officers, three times in one week changing presidents, this will ruin the whole thing. From now on if someone takes the leading post, he must agree to stick and not go away just because it is difficult from time to time. That is ideal leader. He is responsible and he knows his duty. Just like I did that. My Guru Maharaja gave me a task and always I was discouraged by my god-brothers, but I did not forget him even for a moment, and I was determined to follow my duty, even though sometimes I did not like to do it. But this always changing means no sense. If he is leader, he must be fixed-up. Otherwise, if he has no real interest, why he takes that post? He must be responsible. He must stick and develop the highest standard of Krishna Consciousness practice in that area of management

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Bali Mardan -- Bombay 14 October, 1973:

I was very much anxious to receive the money from New York. The foolish boy, Gopijanabalava, wanted to save money and dispatched the money by mail order. Out of anxiety we had to telephone several times and sent telegrams, so much so that the savings which the overintelligent boy wanted to make has been nullified by increasing the expenditure three times. After a telephone call yesterday, the bank informed by telex that the money is on the way by mail. So actually I have not yet received the money, but I am sure that it is coming. We shall have to utilize the amount to pay Mrs. Nair. The deadline is the 19th instant and today is the 14th. I hope that everything will be all right by that time.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Rupanuga -- Tirupati 28 April, 1974:

So his idea was amongst the members of GBC who would come out successful and self effulgent acarya would be automatically selected. So Sridhara Maharaja and his two associate gentlemen unauthorizedly selected one acarya and later it proved a failure. The result is now everyone is claiming to be acarya even though they may be kanistha adhikari with no ability to preach. In some of the camps the acarya is being changed three times a year. Therefore we may not commit the same mistake in our ISKCON camp. Actually amongst my Godbrothers no one is qualified to become acarya. So it is better not to mix with my Godbrothers very intimately because instead of inspiring our students and disciples they may sometimes pollute them. This attempt was made previously by them, especially Madhava Maharaja and Tirtha Maharaja and Bon Maharaja but somehow or other I saved the situation. This is going on. We shall be very careful about them and not mix with them. This is my instruction to you all. They cannot help us in our movement, but they are very competent to harm our natural progress. So we must be very careful about them.

Letter to Ramesvara -- West Bengal 25 October, 1974:

In the morning after his lecture from the Prayers of Queen Kunti in Srimad-Bhagavatam, Srila Prabhupada takes great pleasure in the kirtan with the devotees singing and dancing very nicely. The large temple area affords ample space for everyone to take part in the (indistinct) dancing, and as we move to and fro up and down the temple Prabhupada pelts us with handfuls of flowers. Afterwards he circumambulates the Deity house of Radha Madhava three times, each time ringing the temple bells three times and turning around completely in front of the Deities.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Eldest son of the late Mr. Atulya De -- Perth, Australia 14 May, 1975:

I wanted to see you very urgently to know about your family affairs. So, will you kindly give me your exact name and address so that I can arrange to see you? When I was grhastha, I had visited your home two or three times. Now, I am a sannyasi. My headquarters is #3 Albert Road, Calcutta-17. So, it will be very kind of you to write me at this address in Calcutta how I can see you.

Letter to Rupanuga -- New Delhi 21 August, 1975:

Regarding your questions, no, the large Deity can never be moved, not at all. Regarding remarriage, no, remarriage should be always discouraged. Remarriage means encouraging sense gratification. Our mission is to curtail sense gratification. Three times marrying in a year, this is not good, and they are doing this.

Letter to Omkara -- Vrindaban 2 September, 1975:

I have no objection to marriage, but to bless it by a fire sacrifice, that I am thinking that if they don't stay together, then it is not good. But if they can remain together for one year, then there can be fire sacrifice. But changing three times in a month husband and wife, that is not good.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- New York 11 July, 1976:

What happened to Jagat Purusa in Bombay? He is an experienced man in Bombay so why he should be changed to Delhi? This change of Presidents is to be made in the GBC meeting. In the middle of the year there is no question of change. Tejyas can continue as President. Three times changing president is not good. It should first be conjointly considered by the GBC.

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