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1967 Correspondence

Letter to Mr. Taber -- New York 9 June, 1967:

I thank you very much for your letter and I have noted the contents carefully. You will be glad to know that I am improving my health gradually and today I took a shower bath by myself here at the seashore in N.J. Probably I will have regained my strength sufficiently by the 25th of this month to come to San Francisco, but if I do not go at that time, then I shall advise you to come to New York.

Letter to Mr. Taber -- New York 9 June, 1967:

I thank you very much for your letter and I have noted the contents carefully. You will be glad to know that I am improving my health gradually and today I took a shower bath by myself here at the seashore in N.J. Probably I will have regained my strength sufficiently by the 25th of this month to come to San Francisco, but if I do not go at that time, then I shall advise you to come to New York.

So far as your distress is concerned, it is not new: it is the general condition of living entities who are distressed for want of sense gratification. Unless one is related with Sri Krishna, The Reservoir of All Pleasures, it is very difficult to have complete pleasures perception in this material world. You have read Bhagavad-gita and it is stated that ultimate happiness can be realized by transcendental senses only.

Letter to Jadurani -- Stinson Beach, Calif 8 July, 1967:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated July 7, 1967, and as you are very much eager to see me stronger, similarly I am also very much eager to regain my former health and serve you all. On the whole I am getting strength little by little, and I hope very soon I shall be able to work. My immediate program is to open some branches and go to Montreal to install the deities.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Delhi 15 September, 1967:

On arrival in Delhi I received a letter and I request you to take proper care of Gargamuni. Let him take complete rest in the hospital and give him rock candy as advised above. For a diseased person suffering from jaundice, rock candy will be just appreciated and as soon as he regains health the original taste will be appreciated. As soon as it is so the patient is understood to be cured. Regarding money, you can deposit in my savings account #19282 there is a balance in my favor of 27.29 and as soon as it is 100 I shall request them to transfer 100 to my Indian account. Harsarani Dasi writes that she has enclosed $10 but unfortunately I don't find it. It is therefore risky to send bills like that. The best thing is to deposit bank checks in my above account as I have instructed so there will be no misdelivery. I understand from San Francisco that they have sent you $20 for my maintenance in India so advise them to send from all the centers (6) to you the $10 that they have agreed to pay.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Swami Bhaktivedanta -- Hawaii 14 March, 1969:

The human form is a great opportunity for the living entity to understand God, the living entity, time, nature, and different activities. The material activities are temporary, therefore if the living entities are trained to transform his activities from material to spiritual he regains his original spiritual nature. And after such achievements he is promoted to the spiritual world, which is far beyond this visible material sky. All these understandings are based on authentic Vedic knowledge. The Krishna Consciousness movement is for enlightenment of all human beings without any sectarian understanding of faith. Our principle is that the human being has to awaken his dormant love of God. Any religion or faith which teaches this development of dormant love of God is considered as first class religion. There are various types of religious faiths in the world but they are imparted according to the students, or followers, time, place, circumstances, etc.

Letter to Ann Clifford -- Los Angeles 2 August, 1969:

This chanting of the Hare Krishna Mantra is especially recommended for chanting in this age of Kali yuga so that any sincere soul who takes to it will very soon regain his memory of being the transcendental loving servitor of the Lord, or Krishna. So if you will come to our temple on Park Avenue and chant and speak with the devotees as far as possible, you will find that all lesser attachments and lesser enjoyments will fall very short of your attachment for and attraction for service of the Lord in Krishna Consciousness. That is a fact, and my special request to you is that you seriously read our literature, especially Bhagavad-gita As It Is, chant Hare Krishna always; then you will find your life becoming sublime.

Letter to Yadavananda -- London 2 December, 1969:

When we act in this position of Krishna's servitor very soon we understand that this is our natural, constitutional position, and thus we regain our constitutional qualities of eternity, bliss and knowledge. Actually these qualities are always there, but now they have been covered up by material contamination. But as Lord Caitanya has recommended, by this process of Sankirtana which we are propagating throughout the world the heart will very soon become cleansed of all such material misgivings. Therefore, you should arrange your schedule in such a way that at every minute of every day you will be chanting Hare Krishna or serving Lord Krishna in some other way. This will make you advance very swiftly, and Gaurasundara will be very helpful in giving you instruction in this connection.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Bhagavan -- Los Angeles 10 January, 1970:

I am glad that you have a nice dictaphone. I am sending, herewith, one tape, number 6. Please try to work on it, edit it nicely and make two carbon copies and one original. The original may be sent to me and the carbon copies may be kept with you for the present and we shall call for them when needed.

Regarding your question—What is meant by an object regaining spiritual quality?—the answer is that Krishna is pure knowledge and, therefore, He is the Supreme Person. In other words, He is the Supreme Power, and His Power is manifested throughout by different energies as much as the power of fireplace is expanded by light and heat. When we perceive heat and light, it means that we perceive the original fireplace. The perception of Krishna in everything is actually Krishna consciousness. In our conditioned state, we take it for granted something as separated from Krishna. But actually it is not so. Nothing can be separate from Krishna, everything is resting on Krishna, therefore, things which we consider now matter, when dovetailed for the cause of the Absolute Truth or Krishna, regains its spiritual quality. Another example may be cited in this connection.

Letter to Madhusudana -- Los Angeles 30 January, 1970:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated January 21, 1970, and I am so glad to learn that you have regained control of your mind and the tricks of Maya have finished. So by Krishna's Grace you have been saved from Maya's attack.

This appears to have been a very close call for you and the lesson should be taken well that if we deviate from the strict following of the regulative principles Maya is always ready to inject doubts to shake our faith in Krishna. So I am glad that you have recovered and I was praying for Krishna to save you.

So you can see the great necessity of following the prescribed duties of chanting regularly and following strictly the instructions of the Spiritual Master and the regulative principles. In addition to this everyone should go on the streets with Sankirtana Party as much as possible and preach this Krishna Consciousness Movement to his best ability for the benefit of all people.

Letter to Professor J. F. Staal -- Los Angeles 30 January, 1970:

The scope of the Krishna Consciousness Movement is Universal. The process for regaining one's original spiritual status or eternal life full with bliss and knowledge, is not abstracted dry theorizing. Spiritual life is not described in the Vedas as theoretical, dry or impersonal. The Vedas aim at the inculcation of pure love of God only, and this harmonized conclusion is practically realized by the Krishna Consciousness Movement or chanting Hare Krishna Mantra.

As the goal of Spiritual realization is only one, love of God, so the Vedas stand as a single comprehensive whole in the matter of transcendental understanding. Only the incomplete views of various parties apart from the bona fide Vedic lines of teaching, give a rupturous appearance to the Bhagavad-gita. The reconciliative factor adjusting all apparently diverse propositions of the Vedas is the essence of the Veda or Krishna Consciousness (Love of God).

Letter to Sucandra -- Los Angeles 19 February, 1970:

Just as everyone in the hospital is diseased, and although they are trying to become well there is a chance that anyone of them may relapse, but that does not mean that the hospital should be closed. It is now our business to struggle with Maya, and when we win out by Krsna's grace that is to regain our natural healthy life of Krsna Consciousness. So there is no case of disappointment.

I am very happy to know that so many young boys and girls are now becoming attracted to the Hamburg Temple. I can understand that there is great interest in Germany for Krsna Consciousness. So continue to push our Sankirtana movement more vigorously so that the people may become more and more attracted by this transcendental sound—Hare Krsna—and that will be the greatest service to bring them the true welfare and happiness of life.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Los Angeles 27 February, 1970:

Regarding your questions concerning the spirit souls falling into Maya's influence, it is not that those who have developed a passive relationship with Krsna are more likely to fall into nescient activities. Usually anyone who has developed his relationship with Krsna does not fall down in any circumstance, but because the independence is always there, the soul may fall down from any position or any relationship by misusing his independence. But his relationship with Krsna is never lost, simply it is forgotten by the influence of Maya, so it may be regained or revived by the process of hearing the Holy Name of Krsna and then the devotee engages himself in the service of the Lord which is his original or constitutional position. The relationship of the living entity with Krsna is eternal as both Krsna and the living entity are eternal; the process is one of revival only, nothing new.

Letter to Umapati -- Los Angeles 30 March, 1970:

And if he makes progress under the direction of the Spiritual Master, then he revives his original Krsna Consciousness in full and thus he regains his position in the eternal Kingdom of God.

So you know very well all these facts, and while preaching you have to explain all these things nicely. Then you become a good preacher. Now you try your best in this line of preaching work and be successful as you have taken birth as a human being. Our Vaisnava philosophy is in summary the Teachings of Lord Caitanya. You read them very carefully, word to word, and immediately begin translation into French language so they may be published in French BTG as well as in future they may be published in a book.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Los Angeles 15 June, 1970:

A devotee takes danger as also mercy of Krsna because in everything there is a purpose of Krsna and without His sanction nothing can take place.

Anyway, do not be worried, Krsna has saved you, and very soon you will regain strength. Your son, Sriman Ekendra, is living with us comfortably. He has now by this time overcome the shock and now he is pleasantly chanting and dancing. I hope your wife is also improving by this time. According to Bhagavad-gita we have simply to tolerate all these temporary appearances and disappearance, our main function being to make steady progress in Krsna consciousness.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Damodara -- Allahabad, India 10 January, 1971:

As you know this is the only real yoga—bhakti yoga—and it is the only practical means for God realization in this age. So you are doing the greatest good for your countrymen and the world at large by introducing this sublime movement for regaining out lost position as eternal servants of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krsna.

Please continue to distribute our books, that is a very important business. Your idea for film distribution is also good, so do it nicely in cooperation with the GBC. I am very much anxious that at the same time as you carry out all these outside activities you are maintaining a strict schedule of Temple activities. Such regular activities like attendance of Arati, chanting of rounds, study of literatures in the class will keep you fit for effective preaching work in the outer field.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Balavanta -- Calcutta 18 February, 1972:

I am very pleased that you are running for Mayor of such important city as Atlanta. Now you present to the populace the perfect example of Krishna Conscious person, and always be very clean and neat. You may present the simple program to the citizens for becoming purified and regaining their lost happiness by meeting together frequently to chant Hare Krishna, that's all. We have no complicated political platform. Politicians today are simply pick-pockets, tricking the voters to pick their pockets. They make promises to gratify the public's senses, but then they only gratify their own senses and the public throws them out, repeatedly. So we can promise perfect peace and happiness, and we can fulfill our promise very easily. You and the other devotees are the practical demonstration, and whenever you speak in public they may be also present and hold kirtana and give speeches also. Actually, this world is like a hospital.

Letter to Mohanananda -- Mayapur 27 February, 1972:

Liberation is the constitutional position of the living entity, and that constitutional position is that the Lord is great and that the living entity is subordinate & servant of the Lord. So one should try to extricate himself from the clutches of Maya in order to regain his healthy, normal condition as the servant of Krishna, not just to get himself liberated. But once in this service, he is liberated already. Try to understand.

Your second question, Isn't the fact that we say that one should give up the cultivation of knowledge in conflict with the first six chapters of Gita which deal with cultivation of knowledge? The first six chapters of Bhagavad-gita, this knowledge is to understand Krishna. Other so-called cultivation of knowledge, as practiced by the Mayavadis and jnanis, means how to become one with the Supreme.

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Mrs. Nirmala Singhal -- Calcutta 1 June, 1973:

And if possible, immediately in front of the Deity shed, a temporary pandal should be constructed, with our materials. If it is so done, then I can go to Bombay and begin Bhagavata Parayana, to continue until the court decision is there. This is my desire.

I have just now come to Mayapur and am very hopeful to regain my strength and health on account of being in this transcendental atmosphere. Every moment we are passing here in great delight. So, if the Bombay program is arranged, I shall go there as soon as things are ready. I agree with you that my presence in Bombay will improve the situation, but my presence there means that there must be some program of Bhagavata Parayana.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Mayapur 14 June, 1973:

I am very pleased that the corner stone function was nicely done and successful. Continue the work enthusiastically. Thank you very much for the check for $200.

I am slowly regaining my health. It is now the rainy season here and accordingly the digestive process is slowed down. Therefore the rainy season means slow recovery.

I was just thinking of you and wondering why I hadn't heard from you in a long time. You'll be pleased to know that your assistant Srutakirti is here. He's feeling all right. This boy appears to be a very sincere devotee.

Upon your recommendation I am pleased to accept the devotees you have recommended for first and second initiation. You may chant on the beads of the first initiates and I am enclosing six sanctified sacred threads for the second initiates.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Caitya-guru -- Honolulu 19 May, 1976:

However, it was reported that you disappeared with the car overnight. Mr. Shretta is very much upset at this and he demands an explanation and an apology. There have been many complaints at the mismanagement in the past and now Brahmananda Swami has worked very hard to regain the respect and support of the Indian community in Kenya. Needless to say they are supporting our movement in Kenya and we must be straightforward in our dealings with them. I want you to write a letter of explanation and apology to Mr. Shretta and also you can send one copy of your letter to Brahmananda Swami at the Nairobi Temple address, P.O. Box 28946, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. Kindly do this immediately.

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