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Gorgeous (Letters)

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1968 Correspondence

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 15 February, 1968:

Please accept my blessings. I am in receipt of your letter with designs of the throne. I am so glad that somebody has donated sufficient funds to construct the throne. Your design appears to be very nice, nicer than the design which I gave you drawn by Gaurasundara; but the former design was made with the proposal of covering it with silver foils. To make it less expensive because the whole thing has to be covered by silver foils, I made it plainer. But your design is not so plain, it is gorgeous and if it is covered with silver foils it will be still more gorgeous. My point is: with this design or former design, it does not matter, but it must be covered, major portion, with silver foil. I am glad to hear that someone is going to donate sufficiently for this throne. Now you make your own choice which one will be suitable for our purpose. If the friend who wants to donate is willing to pay any amount of expenditure, then your design is very nice. You do it nicely for the service of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. But the silver covering must be very prominent.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 15 February, 1968:

Please accept my blessings. I am in receipt of your letter with designs of the throne. I am so glad that somebody has donated sufficient funds to construct the throne. Your design appears to be very nice, nicer than the design which I gave you drawn by Gaurasundara; but the former design was made with the proposal of covering it with silver foils. To make it less expensive because the whole thing has to be covered by silver foils, I made it plainer. But your design is not so plain, it is gorgeous and if it is covered with silver foils it will be still more gorgeous. My point is: with this design or former design, it does not matter, but it must be covered, major portion, with silver foil. I am glad to hear that someone is going to donate sufficiently for this throne. Now you make your own choice which one will be suitable for our purpose. If the friend who wants to donate is willing to pay any amount of expenditure, then your design is very nice. You do it nicely for the service of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. But the silver covering must be very prominent.

Letter to Hayagriva -- Montreal 17 August, 1968:

Last night we celebrated here Janmastami festival very gorgeously, and many Indians in large number attended and they contributed also very liberally. One Madrasi gentleman demonstrated a Krishna dance by his two young daughters, and it was nice. At the present moment, many devotees from San Francisco, New York (specifically your intimate friend Umapati, is present here) have come here. Today they will observe Vyasa Puja ceremony (my Birthday Anniversary), so from this day, I will be stepping on the 73rd year. I hope the remaining days of my life may be utilized to serve you all Western devotees of Krishna. Please pray to Krishna that he may give me the necessary strength to discharge the duty entrusted by my Spiritual Master. Convey my blessings to Kirtanananda, and I hope you are all doing well.

Letter to Jaya Govinda -- San Francisco 15 September, 1968:

In San Francisco, Jayananda arranged a grand meeting yesterday amongst the Gujarati community here and most probably we shall very soon have our own gorgeous temple in San Francisco. So everyone is doing very nicely and I hope that you two also do something wonderful in India. And Bombay is the right place. As you don't like to reside in Vrindaban, but you prefer a city like Delhi, then the best city in India is Bombay. There, you don't require to speak Hindi or Bengali, all gentlemen and residents there speak in English. So you will have better facility to work there and probably to establish a center there. I do not know why you are hesitating.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Seattle 22 October, 1968:

You have seen in Vrindaban so do follow as much as possible. Decorate the Deity as nicely as possible with nice flowers and dress. You will forget all other false beauty. Open the Columbus center gorgeously along with Hayagriva and Pradyumna. The boys will like it. Carry Deity with you. Krishna is so nice. He is carrying the whole planetary system as Sankarsana, but at the same time, He agrees to be carried by His devotees as small as a devotee can carry Him. He is greater than the greatest and smaller than the smallest. His greatness is there even when He becomes small to be carried by a devotee. The Mayavadis cannot understand how the greatest can become the smallest as it is impossible on material understanding. I am going to Montreal to meet the consulate of USA for my permanent visa. Let me see what Krishna desires. Hope you are well. Offer my blessings to all.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Dr. Chaudhuri -- Los Angeles 6 February, 1969:

For the last five months, our kirtana movement is going on in London. Our office is situated there at 22 Betterton Street, WC 2 London, England. The people are appreciating our movement very much there. You will be surprised to know that I have sent there for preaching work 6 boys and girls, married couples, and they are neither elderly nor very much conversant with Vedic philosophy. But still, by their character, behavior, and devotion, they are attracting many people in London, including the High Commissioner of India and others. One gentleman, Mr. Parikh, is a Doctor in Education and was formerly the principal of a college in Kenya. He is actively working with our students there, and very soon they should have a Radha-Krishna temple there in gorgeous style.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 12 February, 1969:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated February 7, 1969, and I have noted the contents. Regarding Jadurani's diet, let her take fruits, vegetables, milk, capatis, and also when she is hungry she may take a little rice and some thin mung dahl. Please keep me informed of her progress.

Regarding your idea of having an installation ceremony for the Deities, it is very good suggestion, and you may also have the sacrificial fire. The Deities should be bathed with milk, and while bathing, They must have covering of thin cotton cloth, and the whole Body and the clothing should be wet by pouring the milk. You can see the picture of this in the new Back To Godhead, and perhaps you saw the ceremony when it was held in New York. The Deities should be decorated with sufficient flowers and nice gorgeous dresses and ornaments. Beforehand, you should polish the Bodies with a mixture of tamorind pulp and fullers earth. Apply the pulp on the Bodies, then rub it and then polish nicely with tissue paper. This will gave a very good shine. Then bath the Deities with milk, and dress very nicely with ornaments, and place Them on the throne with flowers, candles, etc. The throne, if possible, should be coated with silver sheets, and the canopy should be red velvet with gold embroidered work. Before the Deities, on the staircase, there may be some silver polished cups, pitchers, etc. I think the Deities have already helmets and peacock feathers and hair to be dressed with. If not, make arrangements for this also. I do not know how big is the throne, but if it is very big, then within the throne there may be a raised seat to accommodate the Deities. On the whole, everything should be very gorgeous; then it will be successful.

Letter to Purusottama -- Hawaii 6 March, 1969:

We performed Lord Caitanya's Birthday ceremony, not very gorgeously, but amongst ourselves, and Govinda dasi cooked very nice Ekadasi foodstuffs. The next day I expected some big ceremony but it couldn't be performed. We are looking out for a better place where the Brahmacaris and the temple can be united. At the present moment, it is very scattered and actually the temple management is impossible to be in order. So, for the time being you can redirect all my mails to my above post box address in this village.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Hawaii 21 March, 1969:

I think on the receipt of this letter you will be able to finish it by the 30th of March. Yes, perform Lord Ramacandra's Birthday as gorgeously as possible. Some of the particular functions just like Lord Krishna's Birthday, Lord Caitanya's Birthday, Lord Ramacandra's Birthday, and Lord Nrsimhadeva's Appearance Day, all should be observed very nicely.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Columbus, Ohio 13 May, 1969:

Your next festival will be as follows: RAIRAYA—On this day the Gopis played by making Radharani a Queen, and She is seated on a gorgeous throne, and Krishna is made as Her doorman of the palace, so He is standing by the throne-room with a sword. So this is one Pastime arranged by the Gopis, and there is nice feasting, dancing and singing on account of the coronation of Srimati Radharani.

You have asked about my travelling schedule, and I shall see if London will invite me, and if not, then I will return to Los Angeles at the utmost by the end of June.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- New Vrindaban 12 June, 1969:

So I shall be glad to know if you can spare some brahmacaris for London. They are of course planning something very gorgeous, but till now it has not been tangible. But because they are working very seriously and sincerely it will be successful. At present my plan is that by the 10th of July either I go to London or to Los Angeles. That is certain. So even if I do not go to Los Angeles, the Festival will be nicely performed there. If I go to London I shall see that the Rathayatra Festival is also performed there, and I have written to Syamasundara expressing my great desire like this. But everything depends on Krishna's disposal.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 29 June, 1969:

I thank you very much for your gorgeous, hopeful words that when I go to London, the London center will be pivot for our Krishna Consciousness Movement. I still maintain the idea of a world Sankirtana Party, so we have got men now in Los Angeles, in Montreal, in Boston, in New York, in New Vrindaban, and in London, who can form a nice group of Sankirtana, at least with 25 heads. If we travel, beginning from London, around the world and again come back to London, surely your foretelling will be a factual event. So try your best, and Krishna will help us as He is helping us. Krishna can help us immediately with all of His resources, but first of all He wants to see how much we can work seriously. So the more we become steady and serious, the more help we will have from Him, rest assured.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Los Angeles 5 July, 1969:

I am glad that Devananda is tending the Deities very nicely. He has learned this art directly under my supervision, so I hope he is doing it nicely. Your kirtana program as it is going on is very nice. You have kept the Vrindaban spirit so sublimely that I always remember it and always hanker when I shall go back again. In the meantime I am enjoying the tape which I recorded of your morning prayers and chanting. Here in Los Angeles also the temple is very gorgeous, and I am receiving reports from other centers that they are also doing nicely. I shall be going to San Francisco by the 25th or 26th of July, and from there I may be going to Germany, because they also want me there. Krishna das has already purchased one ticket for me, but I asked him to postpone it till the end of the month. In London they have secured a house, and I understand it is very nice. But it is in office quarters, so there will be difficulties to use it as a living house. Anyway, whatever Krishna desires He will do.

Letter to Govinda -- Los Angeles 7 July, 1969:

I hope by this time your house problem is solved, and I shall be glad to hear from you on this point. I have received one letter from Subala das from Philadelphia informing me that he has opened a center there. So by Krishna's Grace our program is improving day after day. Most probably another center in Laguna Beach will be opened soon, and they are arranging for a gorgeous Rathayatra Ceremony in San Francisco. So you have all my blessings and encouragement for your nice preaching work, and I can simply pray to Krishna to save you from all sorts of difficulties.

Letter to Sri Goswami -- Los Angeles 17 July, 1969:

You will be pleased to know that in the Western World also there will be held several grand scale Rathayatra Festivals. Our temples in San Francisco, London, Boston, Buffalo and New York are all planning very gorgeous parades and ceremonies very similar to the ones held in Puri.

I thank you again for your letter, and I await your reply if you will be able to help us in obtaining a plot of land of 10 bighas or a temple for us to take charge of.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- London 24 October, 1969:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 20, 1969 and have read it carefully. The arrangements as stated by you appear very nice. Mulgibar Patel is a nice gentleman, and when he offers $5,000 he can be elected a life trustee of our temple. That is a nice proposal. If the arrangement is successful, then immediately complete the negotiations and purchase the house. I am also glad that Tamala Krishna, Gargamuni and Jayananda also agreed. So it is a good chance, and the best opportunity is that we can keep the three Rathas in the garage. As expressed by you, our Rathayatra Festival in San Francisco must be continued every year with increased gorgeousness. I hope Krishna will bless you. So try to complete this purchase. I have got complete approval.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Gaurasundara -- Los Angeles 24 January, 1970:

I think in the month of March you can hold this ceremony gorgeously and install the Deity at that time.

Now I am in Los Angeles, and it will be not difficult for me to go to Hawaii any time you call me. For the time being there is no question of retirement because things are just growing. It requires more pouring of water, so I do not think there is immediate prospect for my retiring. Therefore, as long as Krishna desires, I must go on working, but I am trying to give more time to my writing works.

Letter to Syama -- Los Angeles 23 February, 1970:

I am very much pleased to note that you are feeling happiness in Krsna Consciousness activities along with your good husband. Please remain in that spirit and chant Hare Krsna sixteen rounds regularly, both husband and wife, and develop New Vrindaban. Next summer if you hold Janmastami gorgeously, as I have already suggested to Kirtanananda Maharaja, surely I shall go there.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Los Angeles 26 March, 1970:

I am very glad to learn that you have already been promised for $15,000, and I think these are indication of your getting a nice house very soon. Ratha Yatra Festival is your most important function of the year. I introduced this Ratha Yatra in San Francisco, accepting the place as New Jagannatha Puri. So this festival must be observed very gorgeously every year. Similarly, if two other processions like on the Birthday of Lord Caitanya as well as on the Birthday of Lord Krsna, are observed, it will be still nicer.

Letter to Himavati -- Los Angeles 1 April, 1970:

Radha Krsna topics are for both liberated and conditioned souls, but conditioned souls should not much discuss about the loving affairs between Radha and Krsna because sometimes they misunderstand Radha and Krsna as ordinary boy and girl. So this should be discussed with advanced students, not with ordinary men. Yes, you make the throne very plush and comfortable and gorgeous like a bedroom. You are welcome for these questions, since you are engaged in Their service, you must know everything thoroughly.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Los Angeles 26 April, 1970:

Now you should recruit men for our purpose from Europe as many as possible, in France, Germany, England, etc. All of you do everything conjointly, and at the same time try to organize the World Sankirtana Party. Always be in touch with Tamala, Mukunda, Umapati, Syamasundara, etc., and perform Rathayatra ceremony in London very gorgeously this year because all of you are there.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Los Angeles 6 May, 1970:

Here in L.A. we are decorating the Temple room very nicely. As I am inviting everyone to come here and see, I think you should also once come here and see the Temple room so that you can erect in New Vrndavana in the same style. It is not very difficult, but it looks very gorgeous.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Los Angeles 31 May, 1970:

I am very glad to know that work has begun on construction of the Rathas, so see that it is done all very gorgeously.

Letter to Makhanlal -- Los Angeles 3 June, 1970:

You are all helping me in the execution of my mission so please do not try to do anything beyond the jurisdiction of my instructions. My will I have already disclosed to you all that each and every one of you should chant the Mahamantra regularly in sixteen rounds, follow the four regulative principles, chant Hare Krsna mantra on the streets, try to distribute our books and literature, and specifically in San Francisco you should observe the annual Ratha Yatra festival very gorgeously. I can assure you that if you follow my instruction as above mentioned there is no doubt about it that through me my spiritual Master Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura will be pleased, and through His mercy Lord Nityananda will be pleased. In this way Lord Caitanya and ultimately Radha Krsna will be pleased, and thus your life will be successful.

Letter to Joanne, Connie -- Los Angeles 4 June, 1970:

Please accept my blessings. In continuation of my last letter, upon opening further the box sent by you along with your letters to me I have found the necklaces and handkerchief made by you for Sri Sri Radha and Krsna, and they are so wonderful. I have immediately got them on the Deities, and They are looking very gorgeous with Their new ornaments. So I beg to thank you very much for these nice gifts of your artistic talents.

Letter to Vamanadeva -- Los Angeles 22 June, 1970:

Gargamuni has taken some pictures of the Temple room and I shall send a copy to you when they are printed. So make the altar very gorgeous according to your facilities there. That will be nice.

Regarding my stay in New Vrndavana, I will be there at the time of Janmastami celebration, and at that time all the members of the Eastern temples are invited to gather to celebrate this Holy occasion together. This will also provide an opportunity for me to visit you all. So when you come there we shall discuss our further programs together.

Letter to Yamuna -- Los Angeles 24 June, 1970:

There is no need of a curtain for covering the Lord as He is being carried to His throne. For the eight days following July 5th the best thing is that Their Lordships remain in some new place very gorgeously decorated for Them and the program should be as much offering of feasts and Kirtana as possible. If it is not possible that They shall be able to remain in some new temple place, then they may return to London temple. I had suggested to Syamasundara that this could be very nicely done at the chapel house at George's, but I have not heard from him in this connection.

Letter to Ksirodakasayi -- Los Angeles 29 June, 1970:

I have already asked Gurudasa and Mukunda to inquire if some land is available in the vicinity of Regent Park. I have heard that the Government allots free gift land for religious temples. If such land is available, then we can immediately take up the project of constructing a very gorgeous style Indian temple.

Letter to Yamuna, Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 7 July, 1970:

I hope your Rathayatra preparation was completed and the procession very grand and gorgeous. Previously Syamasundara wrote me to participate in the Rathayatra festival, but since then I have not heard anything from him. Where is he now? At George's place or in a different apartment? I have received a letter from Mukunda recently, but I have not received any letter from Syamasundara.

Letter to Nevatiaji -- Los Angeles 16 July, 1970:

Other major celebrations are Janmastami and Lord Caitanya's Abhirbhava on Phalguni Purnima. These are especially celebrated gorgeously at New Vrndavana and New Navadvipa respectively. For its lavish Rathayatras yearly for the last four years San Francisco is now commonly known as New Jagannatha Puri. We are gradually increasing the size of major festivals and eventually there will be twenty-four or two each month. The public response is always very encouraging.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Calcutta 25 September, 1970:

I think you will remember that I called you not Gargamuni but Gargamoney. So whenever I required some money I approached you and you were kind to pay me immediately. So please continue your capacity in this way to supply money to the Society. That will please Krsna. I am immediately in need of $250,000 somehow or other. Collect this money and both of you come here. We shall open a very gorgeous branch in Calcutta. Calcutta is my birth-place, so all of you as my disciples do something unique in Calcutta. That will be fitting service to your Spiritual Master.

Letter to Krsnakanti -- Bombay 29 November, 1970:

I have seen the pictures of your new altar and temple renovation and everything is looking gorgeous. Always be sure that the Lord is pleased and your success as His genuine servant is assured. I am glad that you have decided to give your time now fully to serving Krsna directly, but do not misunderstand the position of "outside" jobs. Any work which is performed by a devotee in Krsna Consciousness is never work on the material platform although it may appear to be so. Such a Krsna Conscious person is never associating with the materials of mundane work or with the mundane workers, he is always associating with Krsna by devotional service whatever his position may be. Krsna is maintaining everything at all times, but those who are less intelligent do not see that everything is working by direction of the Lord and they think things are running on automatically somehow or other. That is the view of atheists and fools. Persons in Krsna Consciousness always are fixed in knowledge that the Lord is the Supreme Controller of all that be.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Surat 29 December, 1970:

I am so pleased to know that your efforts at placing our books in the local libraries is successful and it is especially heartening to learn that they already have got our books on their shelves. That is factual proof that these purely transcendental literatures are very attractive to the reading class of the public. It is also good news that your recent marriage celebration in Krsna Consciousness was filmed for display by a large television station. People will very soon come to appreciate the Krsna Conscious way of life as distinct from the dull repetition of materialistic activities. I have noted the news article sent by you and it appears very nice. I beg to thank your good wife for the gorgeous handkerchief which she has so thoughtfully offered to my Radha Krsna Deities. I am also glad that you are regularly sending the maintenance checks for your Temple to Karandhara. Thank you very much for this.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Upendra -- Bombay 4 January, 1971:

Regarding your tendency to become angry in public, that is alright provided there is positive reaction. Otherwise we do not wish to create any unnecessary enemies and you should curb your anger by your advanced intelligence in Krishna Consciousness. We have to better correct the faulty habits of the conditioned souls by persuasive authoritative preaching and personal example without stop. The mantra to Ganapati is not bona fide. That is another nonsense. Your worship of Guru-Gauranga and Nrsimhadeva is very nice. Please make it as attractive and gorgeous as possible though simple. The leaves and flowers of Tulasi may be offered to the devotees of the Lord for offering to the Lotus Feet of the Lord Krsna, not even Srimati Radharani. It appears that Fiji is very nice place for Krsna consciousness from the appearance of such nice flowers and Tulasi for the worship of Krsna there.

Letter to Dayananda -- Calcutta 8 February, 1971:

Also I am very pleased to know that the Deity thrones are now in hand. I have already dispatched big Deities like the ones in London, given by Mr. Birla. I hope by this time you might have received shipping documents and on receipt of this you do the needful. As soon as the Deities are received, you should prepare very nice gorgeous sets of clothes for the Deity.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Bombay 5 March, 1971:

Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your letter dated 2nd March, 1971. It is very encouraging. I've received one telegram from Hamsaduta. It is understood he has personally gone to Jaipur to take the Deities, and he will personally take them to Bombay, so there is no anxiety for the Deities. You can go on preparing the throne and dress very gorgeously. Regarding going to Madras, it may be postponed for the time being. We are thinking of going to Mayapur, then of course we shall follow your instruction. As scheduled, I shall reach Bombay by the 15th March and I shall let you know the exact time in due course. For the time being, all my mails may be sent (redirected) to this Calcutta address.

Letter to Jananivasa -- ISKCON; Akash-Ganga Bldg, 7th floor; 89 Warden Road Bombay-26 INDIA 23rd March, 1971:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 19th February, 1971 and have noted the contents carefully. I am so glad to note how things are steadily improving there in Columbus center, with new devotees coming, and that you are about to acquire a new temple in the busiest quarter of town. That is very encouraging. Maitahili Devi is coming from L.A. to act as poojari. So make the Deities and temple gorgeously situated so that the people will sure to be attracted. Because you are sincerely working, Krishna is giving you facility for improvement. So develop the temple nicely.

Letter to Bali-mardana -- Bombay April 19, 1971:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 12th April, 1971 and have noted the contents carefully. Yes, I have received the Deed of Gift for the asrama land and it is going to be mailed today. Formerly it was proposed that Kamala Devi would give us the required money, up to $50,000 for temple construction. In my last letter dated 16th April, 1971, I sent you a rough plan for a temple, and so construction of the temple should be according to that plan. If we construct our temple, it must be more gorgeous even than the existing Laksmi-Narayana Temple there. So see to it. If possible we shall construct the temple in marble. I have sent one letter of appreciation to Mr. Makhunlal, as to your request, a copy of which is enclosed herewith.

Letter to Acyutananda -- London 28 June, 1971:

One cannot live according to his own choice. Fruits and vegetables are very scantily supplied, but milk, butter and yogurt are amply available. From Moscow I went to Paris. Paris is a very nice city, better than London. All historical buildings are here and they are very gorgeous and panoramic. So we have got a very nice center there. The address is as follows: 26 Rue Etienne d'Orves; Fontenay aux Roses; Paris 92. I stayed only one day on my way to L.A. but still they arranged some nice meetings and a press conference and the people are favorably impressed. They admitted in different papers that our movement is genuine, along with other information.

From Paris I went directly to L.A., about 6000 miles at one stretch and I was on the plane for 12 hours, thereby getting a one day concession. From L.A. I went to San Francisco yesterday and the Rathayatra festival was very very gorgeously performed. There were three Rathas consecutively and Lord Jagannatha's Ratha was bigger than the other two.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- London 28 June, 1971:

From Moscow I went to Paris. Paris is a very nice city, better than London. All historic buildings are very gorgeous and panoramic. So we have got a very nice center there. The address is: 26 Rue Etienne d'Orves; Fontenay aux Roses; Paris 92. I stayed only one day on my way to L.A. but still they arranged some nice meetings and a press conference and the people were favorably impressed. They admitted in different papers that our movement is genuine, along with other information.

From Paris I went to L.A. directly, about 6000 miles at one stretch and I was on the plane for twelve hours, thereby getting a one day concession. From L.A. I went to Rathayatra festival in San Francisco yesterday and the festival was very gorgeously performed.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Los Angeles 29 June, 1971:

From Moscow, I went to Paris. Paris is a very nice city, better than London. All historical buildings are there and they are very gorgeous and panoramic. So we have got a very nice center there. The address is as follows: 26 Rue Etienne d'Orves; Fontenay aux Roses; Paris 92. I stayed only one day on my way to L.A. but still they arranged some nice meeting and a press conference and the people were favorably impressed. They admitted in different papers that our movement is genuine along with other information.

From Paris I went directly to L.A., about 6,000 miles at one stretch and I was on the plane for 12 hours, therefore getting a one day concession. From L.A. I went to San Francisco yesterday and the Rathayatra festival was very very gorgeously performed.

Letter to Sri Govinda -- Los Angeles 13 July, 1971:

It is also encouraging to note that you are getting such a fine house for your new temple. It is so large and on the main street of Cleveland. I can tell that you are all sincere devotees because Krishna is giving you such nice facility to serve him. So make the house very gorgeous, to the standard of our L.A. and N.Y. temples and when you are ready, Radha and Krishna can be installed there also.

Letter to Giriraja -- London 12 August, 1971:

The Deity should be gorgeously decorated with flowers, ornaments, and new dresses. I think in this connection Yamuna is very expert. For dressing at least Yamuna should be in charge and for offering of bhoga Dayananda may go on with his duties. At least two devotees should take care of the Deities constantly.

Letter to Tamala Krsna, Gurudasa -- London 23 August, 1971:

We are making a very gorgeous plan at Mayapur and if you altogether can give shape to this plan, it will be unique if not in the whole world then at least in all of India. I am giving instruction to all the workers here and they are doing nicely, I think when Bhavananda and Nara Narayana go to India they will carry the plans with them.

Letter to Gargamuni -- London 24 August, 1971:

Chant with mrdanga and karatalas or just on your beads; whatever is possible. If one or two men come to you that is sufficient for the present. In this way when you have gathered at least one or two local sympathizers then you can try and chant on the street. Maybe they are too much fools to understand the philosophy but if you chant Hare Krishna Mantra they will like it. So there is no need of making very gorgeous propaganda for the moment. Do everything humbly and in small scale and when Krishna desires it will increase. Don't be agitated in unfavorable circumstances. Chant gravely and peacefully.

Letter to Karandhara -- London 26 August, 1971:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your two letters dated 23 August, 1971 and undated respectively and have noted the contents. At your recommendation I have consented to accept Philip Murphy and Freda Tepler as my duly initiated disciples and their letters and beads are enclosed herewith. Also enclosed please find two sacred threads duly chanted by me for Ramesvara and Dhruvananda as per your recommendation. So hold a yajna and get these threads on their bodies. The $10.00 check enclosed was also duly received, as well as the very gorgeous slides of Radha Krishna Deities newly installed in L.A.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- London 2 September, 1971:

Why don't you take the opinion of our life members whether we should go outside Bombay like Chembur or Santa Cruz? In Santa Cruz there is a nice house for sale. Similarly we can get a place in Chembur for a nominal price only. But I do not think that outside Bombay city will be acceptable by you all. I also think in that way, that outside Bombay it will be not so gorgeous. The Nepeansy Road apartment is also good, so if possible why not send me a descriptive chart of the apartment.

Letter to Himavati -- Delhi 17 November, 1971:

Please accept my blessings. I have received your letter of Nov. 2, 1971 and I have appreciated the contents carefully. I am especially pleased that you are finding great pleasure in serving Their Lordships in Hamburg Temple as pujari. I think that under your care They have become very gorgeous and satisfied. It is the sole aim of life to be constantly absorbed in thoughts about Radharani and Krishna, and because you are so determined to become fully Krishna Conscious, Krishna has given you this opportunity to realize that aim by serving Him directly. I have always instructed that the standard of arcana worship must be kept very high, because this will insure that every other temple activity will also flourish. So I am relieved to know that now the Deities are in your care. Thank you for this.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Gargamuni -- Bombay 1 January, 1972:

Yes, take the Doc Bungalow property. As soon as you get it we will begin construction immediately. We should prefer to construct our institution by Mayor's gift land. So work very fervently to get it. I think you are very expert. But if you need someone to help you I can send someone. But I think you are very strong.

We can take Radha Damodara as hopeless, but the two rooms should be maintained as my right. For the time being make Vrindaban your headquarters. Maintain Radha Damodara Temple two rooms and verandah. Don't fight with Gauracandra.* Offer respects to Radha Damodara. Every day go and see that my rooms are kept nicely. We require Radha Damodara and Brahma Kunda rooms, because if we do something gorgeous some of our men must live there and oversee the work.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Bombay 11 January, 1972:

If you like, you may now order from our devotees stationed in Jaipur one pair of gorgeous Radha-Krishna deities for Detroit center. They are settled in Jaipur now especially for this purpose of sending very best murtis to all our ISKCON temples who request them, including dresses, ornaments, jewels, etc. So I think such nice deities can be ordered by you, and you can give them very first-class home and give them all comforts and luxuries, either in that place or if you get a better place. Already they have sent very excellent black Krishna to Nairobi and New York of 48" height.

Letter to Nandarani -- Mayapur 27 February, 1972:

So I am very glad that you want to increase in this way, and I have no objection, as long as the standard which instructed is not changed. Devotees like to increase, that is very nice, but this whimsically changing, now one way, now another way, now this schedule, now that one, this is not good. But as you have suggested to make nice bed and night clothes, that is good proposal. Originally I wanted that such bed, along with throne or gorgeous chair, be placed to the side, but I do not think anyone has done it. So you may add these features. Main point is to keep altar and everything very clean and neat, and to offer Radha and Krishna everything in the most opulent manner just suitable to your means, and always with full love and devotion, even it may be only a little water or few leaves if you are poor man.

Letter to Bhakta dasa -- Calcutta 5 March, 1972:

By now you must have completed nice clothes, ornaments, and all gorgeous arrangements for installing the deity, so you may place Jagannatha just as with Caitanya Mahaprabhu's picture without any ceremony required. In general we do not allow anyone without sacred thread to attend to the deity, but if there is lack of qualified brahmanas, men without sacred thread may be employed to cleanse the floor and other things which do not require their touching or gazing upon the deity at close quarter.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Tokyo 24 April, 1972:

If it is possible to make the London Rathayatra more gorgeous by your all going, than do it. Cooperate with Dayananda. Last year in San Francisco, there were three chariots, and it was very successful, so you can do the same there. I may come also, if Lord Jagannatha attracts me.

Letter to Bhavananda -- Honolulu 9 May, 1972:

We would not separate even a moment. But he is now dead and gone. Now ask Gabu to help us to hold the Rathayatra Festival for eight days at Radha-Govinda Temple and have one continuous kirtana and distribution of prasadam at the Chadni Hall. It is a big hall, at least 1000 men can be accommodated there, and in front there is a nice veranda and the deities can be kept there for eight days with gorgeous decoration, and in this way establish nice performance. Syamasundara may invite his relatives to partake of prasadam.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Honolulu 11 May, 1972:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 5/8/72, and I have noted the contents. Your idea for helping Vrindaban by sending money upon their sending you invoices will be very nice. But there is no need to keep all the money in Bombay, as suggested by Giriraja to Gurudasa. They have made a very nice plan for Vrindaban, more gorgeous than Bombay plan but also quite costly, but they are also collecting nicely and I have requested them to go ahead as they see fit. The present construction of fencing, etc., they have paid for collecting locally. Ksirodakasayi has promised me: "I am planning to make a very big program to collect at least 25,000 rupees per month average for our project." So they are doing something enthusiastically, so let them do it. What is there in occupying a post, we simply want to serve Krishna, and if you also can collect this amount then combinedly the construction can go on very nicely and quickly.

Letter to Gurudasa, Yamuna -- Honolulu 16 May, 1972:

Your plan for collecting Rs. 6000 to 11,000 for each room, that is very nice process. Then rooms will be there always to receive the owners. There is a system, bhetnama, it means the person who contributes, for his lifetime the room is reserved for him and after his demise it goes to the temple. There are many buildings in Vrindaban which are constructed on this principle, and for Delhi men it will be very convenient. It takes only two hours by car—they can come on weekends, associate with the devotees, take prasadam, hear lectures on the philosophy. That will enlighten them. In Vrindaban, we must do something very grand and gorgeous, both in the matter of preaching and accommodating the educated class of devotees.

Letter to Jayapataka -- Honolulu 17 May, 1972:

So far our relationship is concerned, even though we keep independent of one another, there will be no misunderstanding, because the central point is Bhaktivinode Thakura. Our only ambition is that the birthsite of Bhaktivinode Thakura must be gorgeous and attractive so that people may come to see from all parts of the world. Bhaktivinode Thakura is no longer localized. His holy name is being expanded along with Lord Caitanya's. So let them understand this point. They are occupying the place for more than 50 years and none of their men could fulfill the desire of Bhaktivinode Thakura in the matter of preaching in foreign countries. With this spirit we should combine. So next you can talk with them on this understanding. I can understand also that Lalita Prasad Thakura is very much favorable in giving us the concession but his assistants may be hesitating unnecessarily.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Los Angeles 8 June, 1972:

So if you are anxious to collect large fund for our Vrindaban __ Bombay construction work and distribute many literatures ___ think is to stick to Bombay city and outlying districts ___ Poona, Thana, and others.

But the best thing for attracting many people ___ in India will be the opulence in our Deity worship ___ should try to assist also in making sure that ___ ornately and gorgeously worshiped so that the ___ observe that our American and European Vaisnavas are passing all others in the sincerity and purity of their service to Lord Krishna.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 8 June, 1972:

If you have a crown dipped in gold for the Bombay Deities, you must keep them very carefully. I understand that sometime ago one crown was stolen from Krishna's Head despite the presence of one brahmacari who was sleeping there and did not even hear the thief coming. So we must take very great precaution to always protect the Deities from all kinds of danger. One thing is, if we make our Deity worship program extremely opulent and gorgeous, and if all of the devotees are always attending arati and holding kirtana in front of the Deities, that will be the best program for attracting the Indian people to Krishna Consciousness Movement. So you try to give the pujaris all assistance to improve the standard of Deity worship and always render Radha and Krishna the most sincere attention.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 8 June, 1972:

The deity program must be improved very gorgeously. Flower garlands should be expanded, and all expenditures for the deities must be expanded without any miserly contemplation. Our temple should be so gorgeously decorated that we shall excel all Bombay temples. This is my idea. Try to fulfill it. When they hear that we decorate our deities so gorgeously, people will throng, and on festival days especially, like Janmastami, Jhulana Yatra, etc. So four or five devotees should be always engaged in deity worship.

Letter to Tribhuvanatha -- Los Angeles 16 June, 1972:

Now organize the temple very nicely and request tourists to come in, and with many flowers you can decorate the whole hall with flowers and it will be very much attractive. You can make a sign-board that says "Guests are requested to offer a flower to the Deity". The flower market is nearby and any gentleman will bring flowers, and give them prasadam. A gorgeous temple means many flowers, beautiful decorations, and prasadam distribution. Some sort of kirtana must go on continuously. Further, chanting 16 rounds must be completed, that is our spiritual strength. And I am very much stressing nowadays that my students shall increase their reading of my books and try to understand them from different angles of vision. Each sloka can be seen from many, many angles of vision, so become practiced in seeing things like this. If we are selling the books but we do not know what is inside the book, that will be a farce, especially if you are preaching and selling books to the students of Edinburgh.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 21 June, 1972:

She also assisted Tamala Krishna and Syamasundara to try to find one house in Juhu for our headquarters several times. So you can mention this fact to her that now we have fulfilled her desire and we are living in close proximity to her, so she should take advantage of Krishna's blessing her with such an opportunity for serving the Lord by herself building our Juhu temple. Encourage her to attend the meetings every day, and if you make the Deity worship very, very opulent and gorgeous, she will automatically be attracted to them. She has no children of her own, so why not she should take Radha and Krishna as her Children? So you can propose gradually and tactfully that she can alone build up a wonderful temple in our property and we shall name it "Sumati Temple" or "Sumati Hall".

Letter to Rupanuga -- Los Angeles 1 July, 1970:

They are not interested in morality, religion, or other subject matter of the human form of life. And when one is prepared to become animal, then what this school-college education will do? This material world seems to me like a dead body, and even though they try to decorate it very gorgeously, what use can we enjoy from such dead body? So practically we see the youth of your country have become very much frustrated by trying to enjoy this dead body, and they are seeking to find the point of real life which has been lost, but they are thinking that to become animals will give them new life, just like standing naked or growing long hairs. But without Krishna that is not possible. Therefore, it is your duty to inform them very seriously and tactfully that this dead body of material nature can only be revived if we inject it with Krishna Consciousness movement. If we do like this, then your country will become the most gorgeous place, it will be Vaikuntha.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 1 July, 1972:

This is the most important task ahead. I am seeing practically how wonderful the children are coming out. Therefore, we shall be very, very vigilant and careful to maintain the highest standard of temple atmosphere and conduct in Dallas. You may install Radha-Krishna Deities and worship Them very, very gorgeously. Simply by associating with the elderly members, the children will learn everything. So, the quality of the elderly members must be also very much to the standard of excellent Vaisnavas; otherwise, the children learn by example and they will very easily be misguided if their senior god-brothers and god-sisters are themselves neglectful. I shall certainly come there to Dallas to see how things are going on as soon as there is opportunity.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- London 8 July, 1972:

Regarding your question of dancing-show, whatever it may be, it may not deviate from the real Krishna Consciousness program. We are Hari Kirtana men, that's all. We can attract people by some gorgeous show, but inside there must be strict purity and seriousness, otherwise, we shall be attracted by the gorgeous show only. There are two energies always working simultaneously, and Maya means when we diminish the spiritual energy, then automatically we become attracted to the external dress of Maya. So I do not care very much for these plays and dramas unless they are coming directly from the Vedas. If we can recite from Bhagavad gita the first chapter without any need for elaborate scenery or stage-props and gorgeous dresses, that is best. Just like your Shakespeare. Macbeth may be recited by two men, without anything else, and simply by their acting ability and the meaningful words alone, they can very easily capture the entire audience and give them real substance. We have so many stories, like Jagai-Madhai, Krishna departing for Mathura, like that. Satire will not help us. Our message is very grave, and because it is the Absolute Truth, it will work without any artificial presentation.

Letter to Gurudasa -- New Vrindaban 1 September, 1972:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your telegram as follows: "Bharatpur Trust will donate Kesighat Temple will sell surrounding rooms and garden we must offer price wire immediately." So I have received this telegram and have replied by telegram as follows: "Why not donate the whole thing and we spend money to make super gorgeous. Otherwise how we can offer without knowing details and site plan of temple? Rush them New Vrindaban." So the thing is if I do not know how much land is there, what is the condition, what is the price, what are the terms, how I can make concrete offer? That is not good businesses.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- New Vrindaban 7 September, 1972:

I have read all the newspaper cuttings and handbills very attentively, and I very much appreciate the counter presented by us against the vilificaion by the enemies. Sriman Subala das's reply in the paper with reference to the context of sastra are excellently gorgeous. He has given references from Bhagavad-gita, Srimad-Bhagavatam, Nectar of Devotion and Teachings of Lord Caitanya, and it is very nice. So Krishna is within everyone and He becomes revealed in proportion to our sincere service, Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau svayam eva sphuratyada (Brs. 1.2.234). I am also glad that you have collected 25,000 rupees within three weeks with all great honor and prestige. Thank you very much. In Vrindaban I wanted a temple like Radha-Govindaji's and a simple residential quarter, but it has not yet begun due to so many reasons. Now when you have gone please do begin something without any delay. Our Bombay affair has been little muddled because the conveyance deed is not yet executed. I have sent Bhavananda to Bombay to look after the matter with Giriraja, but I do not know what is the resolution by this time. Anyway, let us work very diligently for Krishna all over the world, and our advancement will depend on our sincerity. Here in New Vrindaban, the Janmastami Festival continually from September 1 is going on very gorgeously.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Dallas 9 September, 1972:

You have got the capacity to do that, you are one of my old disciples and you have proven your abilities to organize things very nicely. You went to Germany and organized very nicely. I know you have got that capacity. Why you have come back? You could have organized Sweden very gorgeously. You are very intelligent and also your wife is intelligent. Formally you were alone, now you are assisted by your good wife. Husband and wife equal double strength. You can do nicely anywhere. You know very well how Gurudasa, Mukunda, and Syamasundara organized the London center with great labor and hardship and now it is one of the first class temples. Syamasundara induced George Harrison to cooperate with us and he paid us nineteen-thousand dollars for Krsna Book. So there are so many works, if someone wants to work there are so many things. So eternally I want to remain your guide provided you want to accept me.

Letter to Yadubara -- Los Angeles 13 September, 1972:

With this idea the Air India Company is enticing tourists to come to India simply to experience the spiritual life around Krsna. So in future I expect that our Bombay project will be one of the most important show-pieces in the world for foreign tourists to actually come and get actual experience of Krsna Consciousness or the real Vedic culture. So with this idea in mind work very vigorously and with renewed spirit to do the work very gorgeously and raise up first our temple and later on the apartment houses as you have planned.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 15 September, 1972:

King should donate to brahmanas. We are a society of brahmanas, therefore the king should donate us those temples and we shall keep them in his name, and we shall renovate them and make them very gorgeous for the foreign tourists. And they will appreciate the contribution of the king of Bharatapur and will perpetuate his memory. If the 25 lacs which the king proposes is spent for renovation and making the places very nice, that is better. We will spend at least 10 lacs for renovating all these places up to date. We shall everywhere advertise that it is the king of Bharatapur. We are prepared to make a formal agreement that we shall spend a minimum of 10 lacs for renovating, if he will donate. And if we get that land, we can cultivate agriculture. So approach him yourself immediately and ask him to donate. We will occupy immediately and renovate and fill the places with foreign tourists.

Letter to Revatinandana -- Ahmedabad 10 December, 1972:

So far I am concerned, we have just completed our pandal programme in Hyderabad and it was very, very successful. In that portion there was no rain for two years, but due to our Sankirtana yagna the rain came and everyone was happy that we came to make it rain, and besides that they gave us some nice land in the most central marketplace of the city and we are raising up a gorgeous temple with the help of the local devotees. In the pandal programme sometimes I am thinking of you, how you are always playing the drum and singing. You are a very nice singer, that much I recall. Now give all the new brahmacaris your best instruction for making spiritual advancement, you are one of my senior disciples, so that much, if you do, that will be the best service.

Letter to Karandhara, Bali-mardana -- Ahmedabad 14 December, 1972:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your several telegrams, and I have replied by telegram as follows: YES YOU CAN USE BOTH THE FUNDS IF IT IS A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW YORK GORGEOUS TEMPLE. One thing is, that you should inform me in detail and send the plans of that place, along with how you shall make all the payments. You may repay me the $80,000 gradually by paying the money to Dai Nippon and shipping books to India, as they require, and they shall pay Rupees there into our M-V Trust Fund Account in Indian Bank. Another thing, Syamasundara is going to London in one or two weeks for some other urgent business, so he shall see what is the position for getting the house there, and if there is no urgent need to use it there at London he may send the money you had sent for down-payment back to New York. If there is any immediate need to utilize the money for the London house, we shall make some suitable adjustment.

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 22 December, 1972:

From January 12th our second Hare Krishna Festival will go on in the Cross Maidan in Bombay, and Tamala Krishna and Syamasundara are planning something very gorgeous just to push on the preaching work. Meanwhile I am little resting behind the scenes for few days, and one Karatieya Mahadevia has been very kind to give us his place all to ourselves just by the seaside on Warden Road. Many big men of Bombay are coming to see me daily for confidential talks, and they are beginning to very much become inclined to our philosophy. I think in this place, it is very restful and there is no interruption, so I think I shall be able to increase my translations work.

Letter to Hariprasada -- Bombay 23 December, 1972:

Now I am in Bombay until about 23rd of January, at the above address, and we are preparing a very gorgeous Hare Krishna Festival for the Cross Maidan from January 12th to 21st instant. So I am free up to 10th January, so if in the meantime everything is settled up then I can go to Hyderabad and lay down the foundation-stone. So far books are concerned, I have told Tamala to send as many as possible so he will see to it. There is shipment of 10,000 BTG's in Bombay harbor, and we are waiting for CCP license to clear them, then part of that shipment may be sent you, immediately. Meanwhile, I have ordered 5,000 to 10,000 each of each of our books for India, so in future there will be sufficient supply.

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Karandhara -- Auckland 21 February, 1973:

This is actually the case in India and it is the same case in Los Angeles. We simply have a bigger family therefore our temple is bigger. If this can be done we will not require so much space for parking and then with this added space we can gorgeously remodel the entire temple. So please try and do this but if this is not possible you may break down the rear wall and add that one room and my sitting room to the temple and my Vyasa Sana may be placed against the side wall with my left side facing the Deities and by back facing the kitchen. Then you will have almost twice as much room in the temple. But the best thing is if we can get reclassified. They have simply classified us as a church for want of any other classification.

Letter to Kirtiraja, Haripuja -- New York 12 April, 1973:

You are one of the trusted managers of the New York temple, and I am very much glad to see that the standard of temple activities is so nice. So Krishna has given you American intelligence, and I think this New York City is the greatest city in the world. So all you managers cooperate together and do something gorgeous. That is my instruction to you, and if you can do it Krishna will be very much pleased with you.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Mayapur 17 June, 1973:

The magazine is gorgeous, better than Dia Nippon. Continue the standard, increase the pages, increase the articles, increase the distribution. May Krsna bless you more and more. Offer my blessings to your wife.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 8 August, 1973:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your telegram from New York "Festival extended per letter expect Your Grace 23rd, send details"

Here Syamasundara has arranged a gorgeous festival beginning 21st till 27th August. Just see the program.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- New Delhi 2 November, 1973:

We have settled up the Bombay affairs and purchased the whole land at a cost of 17-18 lakhs, bribing so many claimants. It was a very hard knot. Now by the grace of Krsna the land is in our possession. We are the proprietors. Arrangements are being made to construct a gorgeous temple with the help of local patrons. The estimate of the Bombay temple is not less than 50 lakhs over and above the 18 lakhs we have already spent on this project.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Los Angeles 15 December, 1973:

I have seen pictures of the house you are trying for and it is very gorgeous. If you can purchase it, that will be a great credit for you. Krsna will recognize your service and it will be a great push forward for our movement. I pray to Krsna that you may become successful in this attempt.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Mahadeva -- Mayapur 3 March, 1974:

I think you should stay in India. Our Mayapur temple is better than any temple in the U.S. and Europe, and everyone is appreciating it as very gorgeous. So there is a full program here and I request you to take on duties here and do not go wandering around. I have heard of the report of your stealing from the temples, and Mukunda has requested that you do not go back there. Therefore I recommend as the best thing that you make a fresh start and stay here in India where there is such a great need. You English boys have good facility here, not having the visa trouble that the U.S. devotees have, so take advantage of this and cooperate with me in this way. That is my request.

Letter to Hrdayananda -- Vrindaban 14 March, 1974:

Just as Hamsaduta and Bhagavan have gone to foreign countries and arranged for a solid program of translation, printing and distribution of my books by sankirtana party, so you will also find the devotees in South America willing to help you in this noble project which is for the benediction of the suffering humanity. My own Guru Maharaja stressed the printing and distribution of literature even over gorgeous temple construction, and I also was printing even before I have big temples in the U.S. So you may follow the footsteps of the previous acaryas, while always strictly following the regulative principles for spiritual strength.

Letter to Bhima, Krsna dasa, Sanat Kumara, Nityananda, Samba, Joseph -- Bombay 16 May, 1974:

If I have done anything of credit it is that I have not changed their teachings. I have not added anything of my own interpretation. So I am very happy that you are finding Krishna Consciousness very blissful in the Nairobi temple and this will be the key to your success. That you also follow exactly as I have instructed in my books to my disciples such as Brahmananda Swami. That means to rise early, clean the body and clean the clothes. I have seen films of the Deity worship in Nairobi and it is very gorgeous. Proper Deity worship means to be clean, punctually and nice offerings of foodstuffs. Brahmananda Swami can teach you these things.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Bombay 17 May, 1974:

As regards to the tickets you have already sent I have not received them yet and we are leaving tomorrow. Moreover they are for London departure. I think the best thing to do is to cancel the tickets and arrange new tickets for us from Koln to Melbourne and return. You can mail these tickets to me care of Paris, France center so long as they reach there by June 14. My party consists of three; myself, Neil Delmonico (Nitai) and Stephen Guarino (Satsvarupa Maharaja), (Pradyumna has left us for sometime). I will expect your tickets when we arrive in Paris and I will be very pleased to attend the gorgeous Melbourne Ratha-yatra festival.

Letter to Ravindra Svarupa -- Paris 10 June, 1974:

I want to thank you a hundred times for the excellent way you are worshiping the Deity there as I can see from the color photographs you have sent. From my very childhood I was also worshiping Lord Jagannatha. When I was six years old my father gave me a ratha and I was performing the Ratha yatra in my neighborhood. And now in the western world you are worshiping Lord Jagannatha so gorgeously and it pleases me very, very much. Thank you again for the way you are conducting the deity worship in the Philadelphia temple. As for the Ratha ceremony, you go on with it, I shall attend there next year. But you go on holding a splendid ceremony for the people of the city. I am sure it will be a success.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Melbourne 1 July, 1974:

All big officers in Mathura and Vrindaban should be invited. Goswamis and godbrothers also. Also invite local Marwaris and invite Parthak also. Practically by distributing a general invitation card we shall invite everyone. All the inhabitants of Vrindaban will be invited to come and see the deity and take prasadam. There should be special arrangement for life members, Mr. Birla and many other respectable visitors. There is no question of money. Let it be a first class, 1-A arrangement. Krsna will provide all expenditures so try to make it gorgeous. Gorgeous means sufficient stock of prasadam and temple decorations as gorgeous as possible. The internal management of dressing can be done by Yamuna, Madira and Jayatirtha they are all expert. The sastric direction can be from Pradyumna.

Letter to Karandhara -- Los Angeles 14 July, 1974:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your express letter dated July 6, 1974 and have noted the contents. The festival must be gorgeously done. It should not be poor. If there is a scarcity of money, it will be supplied. There must be full prasadam for all the guests. You plan for that, and I will supply the funds. Complete prasada distribution must go on.

Letter to Karandhara -- Los Angeles 14 July, 1974:

I am a little agitated in mind because Karandhara's letter says that there may be some work to be done even during the time of our festival. So far prasada distribution, it must be very gorgeously done for seven days. There is no scarcity of money. I shall supply. Simply you have to manage things.

Letter to Madhavananda -- Mayapur 6 October, 1974:

From the pictures it appears that the Deity worship is going on very nicely. Krishna is very satisfied by His face. He looks very healthy. He is very fond of milk and butter. He is a butter thief. You have now got cows, so offer nicely. I have asked that the picture be framed. I think that the Deity worship is almost better than our Los Angeles center. The Life Member room is very nice. They should have like that here.

The Ratha is very gorgeous. I have already written that if there is complaint, you should not agitate the villagers.

Letter to Uttamasloka -- Mayapur 24 October, 1974:

You can make the interior of the temple in the same design as the Chicago temple with a balcony and the same type of Deity room. I liked the Chicago temple very much when I was there, so make it like that. We are making our temples very nice and gorgeous so that people will come and take Krishna consciousness. Just like here at Mayapur, because we have this very nice house, people are coming to visit and stay. They attend the aratis and listen to my lectures, and take prasadam. If we did not have this house, then they would not come. So this is the meaning of a temple. There must always be activity. Not that we have a nice house for comfortable living. We simply want to bring people back home, Back to Godhead. That is the purpose of our temples, of our books, and our festivals, and preachings.

Letter to Bhakta dasa -- Bombay 24 November, 1974:

Regarding the Ratha Yatra Festival, keep it always gorgeously alive, but do not change the principle. The principle should go on as usual. Yes, it is all right to make something in the park as you have suggested. Why you want to change the wheels? This is unnecessary. Don't do this. Keep the old system strong, and if necessary repair it. Don't change from this to that. That is your American disease. This is very serious that you always want to change everything. Spoked wheels will never be as strong and hard as the old way. Never do this. Neither there should be any separate float as you have suggested for me.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Jamuna -- Perth, Australia 11 May, 1975:

Anyway, the Vrndavana opening ceremony was performed very gorgeously for 7 days. The Governor of U.P. participated for 2 days. There was a big crowd all the days and it was a grand success. The total expenditure for the opening ceremony was about 60,000 rs. or more and I was feeling your absence. Your husband was present, but his business was different. Anyway, what can I do? I can simply pray to Krishna for revival of your old Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Aksayananda, Dhananjaya -- Honolulu 26 May, 1975:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated May 17th, 1975 and have noted the contents. I was very much encouraged by this nice report you have given. Continue to organize the guest house. This is very important. Do it very nicely with the co-operation of Dr. Verma. In the evening, you must have many varieties of first class ghee-cooked preparations offered to the Deity and you can sell the prasadam. The L.A. standard is good, but still you should have a better standard. You should make kacoris, samosa, etc. If it is required, a professional confectioner may be employed. The Deity worship must be done very gorgeously. The 24 hour chanting is very encouraging to me. Please continue all as I have given you. I have full faith in both you. Kindly execute the routine work very nicely. Please send me a weekly report of how things are going on.

Letter to Kirtiraja -- New Delhi 2 December, 1975:

I am very happy that you are taking a chance for Krishna, do everything very carefully and sincerely, Krishna will help you. Lord Caitanya predicted that in the modern age this movement would be spread to every town and village of the world. So by the sincere help of you American and European boys and girls it is actually happening. It is not bogus, like communism, socialism and so many isms going on in the world today. But is purely spiritual authorized by the disciplic succession tracing all the way back to Krishna himself who spoke this science of life 5,000 years ago on the battlefield of Kuruksetra. The battlefield is still there and you will be happy to know that yesterday we have been at that very spot where Krishna spoke to Arjuna, and we will build a gorgeous Krishna Arjuna temple there. People will come from all over the world to see it and understand the authority and sublime message of Lord Krishna.

Letter to Sri Krishna C. Batra -- Vrindaban 8 December, 1975:

Just this month we have sent preachers to Ahmedabad and Kanpur for opening centers, and we are planning to build a gorgeous Krishna Arjuna temple at Kuruksetra in co-operation with the late home minister G.L. Nanada.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Sravanananda, Bhavabhuti -- Mayapur 4 February, 1976:

In Madras we have to construct a very gorgeous temple. In Nellore the owners of the land are putting so many impossible conditions that we cannot construct. So that foundation stone can be brought to Madras and used for the Madras temple. Now immediately find out some land and begin the construction. Never mind what the cost will be. We are not concerned with the amount of money, but we want a very attractive temple. The money should come from the gentlemen of Madras. The foreign funds are reserved now for Bombay, Kuruksetra, Jagannatha Puri and Mayapur. But if absolutely required, something may be arranged. Go on sending funds to Hyderabad. That construction should be completed as soon as possible. But whatever amount you have sent there, Hyderabad will repay you after their Temple is finished.

Letter to Kashinath Mullick -- Honolulu 4 May, 1976:

Please accept my greetings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated April 12, 1976, to my Vrindaban address, and I have noted the contents with care. Since then I have left Vrindaban on my European and American tour and your letter was redirected to me here. From Vrindaban, I went to Australia, then Auckland, New Zealand, and then to Fiji Island where I laid the foundation stone for our new temple there. It was very gorgeously executed.

Letter to Balabhadra -- Honolulu 9 May, 1976:

Please accept my blessings. I thank you for your kind offering of some of the honey you produce at your honey farm. As you know, I have requested the devotees here to construct one beautiful temple on the grounds in order that many people may come from all around and see the gorgeous worship of the Deities. It is a big project and will require so much capital. So if possible you can try to follow the formula recommended practically by Srila Rupa Goswami, that 50% of one's income be spent for propagating Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Yasomatinandana -- Honolulu 26 May, 1976:

I remember how so many people were coming to visit the temple. The Deities should be very beautifully decorated so that people will be able to see the gorgeous worship in the temple. Now you have also received shipment of books so distribute my books profusely. This distribution is the greatest welfare work for humanity. What will be the benefit of so many skyscraper buildings if in their next life they have to take birth as a cat or a dog? Where will be the advancement in such an arrangement? Actual progress is to become fit for going back to home, back to Godhead.

Letter to Palika -- India Unknown Date:

Deities should be changed in early morning, after mangala arati, before noon offering, and before Sundara arati They should be put on Their fine dress. 4. The Govardhana rock should be returned to Mt. Govardhana as soon as possible. I am very glad that you are doing such a nice service by worshiping Radharani and Krishna so nicely and giving Them so many nice clothes and ornaments and taking such nice care, so now I am very much relieved to know everything is going well in Calcutta during my absence. Now you make Mayapur into a gorgeous palace for Radha and Krishna, and I shall come there immediately and sit down there permanently to stay by Them.

1977 Correspondence

Letter to Vasudeva -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 6 September, 1977:

In his letter Ramesvara has written, "Our plan is to continue expanding book distribution and try to get literally thousands of Hindus to begin chanting japa. In short, my report is that Fiji could easily become the first country in the world to have a Krsna conscious government, and Vasudeva is the perfect devotee to help accomplish this task." May Ramesvara Maharaja's words come true. By your example teach all of the citizens to become ideal Vaisnavas, faithfully following the regulative principles and chanting regularly the Hare Krsna mantra. Worship the Deity very gorgeously with full attention to regularity and cleanliness. Distribute ample quantities of sumptuous prasadam to everyone who visits Kaliya-Krsna. This program will make us successful. And in the morning and evening hold regular Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita discourses, but do not allow any rascal professional receiters to discourse in our temple. Only initiated disciples should be allowed to speak on the subject matter of Krsna consciousness.

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