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1971 Correspondence

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 9 April, 1971:

For the third edition of Krishna book, 10,000 will be sent to L.A. under your care and you will distribute them and collect the funds and send to my book fund. This system I want to introduce, or in other words all books printed for American and European distribution will be under your control. That is my idea. Kindly let me know your opinion in this connection. You can write to the new Bombay mailing address, given above.

Letter to Acyutananda -- London 14 August, 1971:

I am so glad to hear that you are all feeling separation for me and similarly I am also feeling. Since I have seen the cottage it has attracted me to go there immediately and live with you for some time. Actually cottage life for chanting Hare Krishna Mantra is very nice but because we are dealing with the Western people, Americans and Europeans, they require some nice apartment. Therefore we have to construct a nice house for them. My Guru Maharaja's policy was to give nice facility to devotees so that they may chant Hare Krishna Mantra peacefully and make advancement. But we cannot be luxurious. As far as possible minimize the needs of our life but we shall not curtail the bare necessities.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Delhi 20 November, 1971:

I note that you have opened a Consolidated European BTG and BKF account for all European temples. Does this include England centers also? Won't the exchange difficulties between countries hinder such a plan? How have you arranged this account?

Letter to Kirtiraja -- Vrindaban 27 November, 1971:

I especially want that my books and literatures should be distributed profusely, but so far I understand this is not being done very perfectly. So I want that you all my students shall very vigorously try for this book distribution. Do not hesitate to use your American and European brains to increase, that is Krishna's special gift to you, now use it. Any activity which will please Krishna should be accepted favorably, this is our guiding principle. Now apply it in this way, by doing everything and anything for spreading this Krishna Conscious literature, and this is really pleasing to Krishna, know it for certain. Especially you must always be eager to supply all our branches all over the world with whatever literature they require, not that they must pay and then get books like ordinary mundane business.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Delhi 8 December, 1971:

If Mandali Bhadra is having difficulty, try to arrange things in such a way that he and his wife will be satisfied and let him translate books full-time. If it is necessary or helpful for him to go to New York I have no objection, but this you must discuss with GBC men and Press.

So far your Central European Account, I don't think there is any advantage. It simply means more complication. Best thing is if each Temple transfers money regularly to Karandhara and sends you copies of the transfer receipt. If French money is changed to German money and then again to USA dollars, we lose some commission each time. But if French money is exchanged directly for dollars by Karandhara, there is less percentage of loss. What do you think?

Letter to Sridama -- Bombay 22 December, 1971:

I think this will be my last tour—now let me go on translating, that is my real work. I am so much encouraged by reports everywhere that our Movement is getting good results, especially that MacMillan Co. has agreed to print our Bhagavad-gita As It Is, so I think my work is now finished, let me write. I have built the skyscraper skeleton, now you all intelligent American and European boys and girls fill in the spaces nicely in good taste. Do not deviate from our high standard. That will mean great dishonor to me. Push on in your preaching work as I have shown you, remain pure, enthusiastic, and optimistic, and Krishna will favor you with all good results and benedictions.

Letter to Himavati -- Bombay 26 December, 1971:

I beg to acknowledge your letter undated, and I am very glad to hear that you are finding such great pleasure in serving Radha and Krishna. Both you and your good husband are very sincere and hard-working, and practically you together have saved our European centers from collapse. Krishna has given you very nice ability to serve Him, better than most, therefore I have relied on you completely to save centers in Germany which had fallen into neglected condition, and because you have done so nicely, I am very very pleased with your both service. So there is no question of dissatisfaction. Because you are serving Krishna, that is my satisfaction enough.

Letter to Yogesvara -- Bombay 28 December, 1971:

I am very pleased to see that the foreign literature is being produced nicely under your enthusiastic supervision. Just try to increase more and more our output of such books and magazines in many languages—otherwise how will preaching go on in these places? Though we have been settled in European countries for many years now, only now you are printing the first book in French language, and there is only one book done in German language. So the record has not been good, therefore our preaching work in these countries has not been going very well, and I think now things are not going too well in France and Germany centers.

Letter to Yogesvara -- Bombay 28 December, 1971:

It is not that we should change to accommodate the public, but that we should change the public to accommodate us. Better you devote your full time to one thing only, not many things. That way your enthusiasm and talents will have big effect by being concentrated. Therefore, kindly concentrate for producing books and magazines in European languages, as many as possible, and make this your life work. These books are the best advertising, they are better than advertising. If we simply present Krishna Consciousness in a serious and attractive way, without need to resort to fashionable slogans or tricks, that is sufficient. Our unique asset is our purity.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Bombay 10 January, 1972:

I am always wondering why after so many years nothing can be done to print profusely my books and literatures in European languages. Translators are there, all facilities of German first-class printing machines are there—simply we are not serious to do it. Now you and Krishna das work combinedly to arrange for printing of so many books in Germany, French, and other languages. That will be a great help to me. I have given Krishna das suggestion to purchase one van there and drive it to India. What do you think?

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Bombay 10 January, 1972:

Distributing literatures in German language is the most important task ahead, and it is very good your proposal to print locally—but why it was not done before? Anything local available is better, if the supply is regular. If you can arrange for that, then do it. I do not know why in Europe nothing has been done to print books. So many years you have been there, and still there is no literature in European languages. Why is it that you cannot find out some formula for printing nicely, I think there is no shortage of translators. Better if you turn your attention to this project immediately.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Bombay 10 January, 1972:

Mandali Bhadra should be encouraged to translate as much as possible.

I think that you are now very serious to resume working very hard for spreading the light of Lord Caitanya's mission in the European countries, so I am very much encouraged and relieved. Thank you very much.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Bombay 11 January, 1972:

I am especially pleased by your proposal of producing many small leaflets and pamphlets to distribute widely to the public. Karandhara has initiated this program, and his small pamphlets are very very nice and to the standard, so you may also do like that.

I was just writing to our European centers that for so many years they have been there and nothing has been printed in European languages. This is not a very good sign. How can there be preaching without books? So I am glad that you are taking steps to organize printing of our foreign books. Please take this matter very seriously and print such books immediately.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Madras 14 February, 1972:

Regarding that house, I think it may be a little idealistic, but if you think it is suitable why not purchase it? There is need for a centralized European continent headquarters, just like our Bombay branch is the headquarters for India zone, so if you think this place may be suitable, and if the owner is very friendly with us and offers us very good terms, then all the European centres may cooperate to try for it. But one thing is, I don't think the government will support, because they will want to give us their syllabus and we will not be able to preach in our own way.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Calcutta 24 February, 1972:

For my part, there is no question of dissatisfaction, I am very much pleased with your sincere service and humble attitude of Krishna Consciousness devotee. And I am also aware that sometimes Hamsaduta will be very stubborn, but he is also doing something there, so why not let him go on, and you take charge of opening branches in those northern European countries like Sweden, and that will be very much appreciated by me. If you require some more help in any way, just inform and I shall do the needful, do not worry. Also, Syamasundara is writing to Dayananda to send you books, whatever they can, from London, and they can send some men to help also if you require.

Letter to Gurudasa, Yamuna -- Sydney 2 April, 1972:

Now in India you must develop things also very nicely, especially for attracting overseas visitors to come there and enjoy Indian special atmosphere of spiritual life. Our Indian boys and girls are not very much interested to become devotees, but I am seeing that these fair-skinned Americans and Europeans are like angels by coming to Krishna Consciousness increasingly more and more, and that very soon the whole world will become filled with such angels, and so I am very optimistic that if we continue in this way by sticking very tightly to our pure standards that the Lord Caitanya's prediction will very soon be realized all over the world.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Sydney 2 April, 1972:

On the whole, it is so nice that I am suggesting Dayananda that he supply you and Krishna das with information, how you may purchase such busses in London and drive them all over European continent, and these "Hare Krishna Movement" busses will make us famous all over the world. I am enclosing one photo of their Australia bus in Sydney.

I have acknowledged the $250.00 from you with thanks. Now I am remembering you in Calcutta when you were performing kirtana on the __ street. All of them, huge crowds of Bengali natives, and they were very much appreciative and they were paying you. That is a very pleasant memory. Thank you very much for helping me in this way. May Krishna give you all His blessings.

Letter to Mandali Bhadra -- Sydney 2 April, 1972:

That is his success and your success. Actually, everyone in the world can accept this Movement very easily. My angle of vision is that throughout the whole world everyone is good and innocent, only they have been misled and corrupted by rascal leaders. If you can organize everything nicely, the Americans and Europeans of the future will come out very nice, that is my opinion. I have just seen one Sanskrit dictionary of Pradyumna's, and it is compiled by one Englishman, Williams, and he has taken so much trouble and he has made thorough study and it is very nice and scholarly books, so this dictionary is proof of the superior nature of this Indian Vedic culture. This great European scholar, he has not taken so much pains for Greek or Latin or any other old language, and because he has chosen Sanskrit language for his study, therefore it is the highest example of scholarship and knowledge.

Letter to Himavati -- Los Angeles 22 May, 1972:

Since a long time I have known both of you and I consider that you are among my very dearest disciples. Now do not worry that your husband will take sannyasa. I think I have told you before that I will not give him sannyasa at this point. He may travel very widely throughout the Germany zone and still remain Grhastha. He is more than Sannyas.

I shall be coming to London for Rathayatra Festival this year. So I hope that I will see both you and your good husband as well as all the nice boys and girls in the European temples there in London at that time.

Letter to Puri Maharaj -- Los Angeles 26 May, 1972:

So why not they shall allow anyone who is certified by me or the society? You know how strictly we are following the principles of Vaisnava way of life. So kindly try to persuade the government officials on this point and it will be a very great service to Srila Prabhupada's cause.

Bhaktivinode Thakur and Srila Prabhupada wanted that American and European Vaisnavas should come to India and join with dancing our Vaisnavas there, but if they have got some difficulty to enter into the temple it will be against the desire of Bhaktivinode Thakur and Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati. So I am sure that Mr. Dass, the chief minister, is a very nice gentleman, I know him personally. So while he is in the office he must rectify this anomaly and situate himself in the history for doing such nice service for Lord Chaitanya's mission.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 26 May, 1972:

So you maintain this close relationship with Sri Singhania and gradually try to convince him of our activities around the world. This is a new thing that Americans and Europeans will come to Vrndavana for spiritual progress, so he and other rich men of India should do their duty to these outsiders by providing them with the nice facilities for advancing in Krishna Consciousness.

Regarding Devananda Maharaja, yes, he is very sincere devotee, but one thing is, he can be molded by any tricky man, so give him all encouragement to preach there in Vrndavana and he will gradually build up his defense against being easily misled.

Letter to Ksirodakasayi -- Los Angeles 26 May, 1972:

So far the temple design is concerned, in cooperation with these two gentlemen architects we can build in Vrndavana on a very grand scale. It is a new thing that American and European Vaisnavas will come to Vrndavana, so it is the duty of rich men like Singhania to construct something very nice for the foreigners so they will come and see. And if he is impressed with our kirtana then it will be very easy to convince him and many other rich men. In Kanpur also we can hold Hare Krishna festival. There is a big open field, it is called "Parade." There is a big park, "Mall Road," so any of these places a Hare Krishna festival can be held like Calcutta.

Letter to Vasudeva -- Los Angeles May 31, 1972:

Yes, if you can get a new and larger place that will be very nice. Also, I am coming to London this summer for Ratha-yatra Festival and if all of the European devotees come there I shall be very glad to see you all again. Yes, you may name your new son Caitanya dasa. So now be happy and chant Hare Krsna and take Krsna Prasadam, and in this way you shall find your life becoming more and more perfect and you will meet Krsna face to face very soon, rest assured.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Los Angeles 8 June, 1972:

So if you are anxious to collect large fund for our Vrindaban __ Bombay construction work and distribute many literatures ___ think is to stick to Bombay city and outlying districts ___ Poona, Thana, and others.

But the best thing for attracting many people ___ in India will be the opulence in our Deity worship ___ should try to assist also in making sure that ___ ornately and gorgeously worshiped so that the ___ observe that our American and European Vaisnavas are passing all others in the sincerity and purity of their service to Lord Krishna.

Our business is to chant, so the time that Indian __ to come to hear our chanting and arati and take prasada __ that your preaching work is actually successful. For the __ we should be satisfied with that. And if they become __ that is very nice.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 21 June, 1972:

It is a unique temple in the world, and if you show your wonderful abilities as American and European boys and girls to manage everything superbly, she will not hesitate to entrust you in every way. Therefore, there must always be good will and cooperation amongst yourselves for this huge task ahead. I always think of our Juhu place, and I want that it shall be the model for all the world to emulate and respect as the perfect example of a Krishna Conscious community. The temple will cost about 2 lakhs, more or less, so Sumati Morarji can pay easily.

Letter to President of United States -- Los Angeles 28 June, 1972:

I came to this country from India six years ago to introduce Krishna Consciousness, the scientific process of spiritual life, to the English-speaking people of the Western world. Now by the grace of Krishna I have many thousands of disciples, young American and European boys and girls. Many of them have come to me bewildered, rebellious, and addicted to all sorts of sinful activities. Like so many of the young people today, they were lost and confused. Now they are all leading a disciplined and regulated life. They follow strict principles of spiritual life, with no desire for intoxication of any kind, or illicit sex life. They are always engaged in meaningful work, serving God and their fellow man. They have become the flower of your country and all over the world they are being treated with the highest respect.

Letter to Sri Jogeswar Chowdhury -- Paris 22 July, 1972:

I am glad to inform you that a party of my disciples will be coming to Bangladesh soon for spreading the message of Lord Caitanya there. They will be stationed at Jessore, but will travel wherever they are invited and hold Sankirtana. So if you are very much eager to receive them, about six or eight of my foreign American and European disciples, you can invite them to Chittagong and they shall be happy to stay with you there and hold programs of kirtana and preaching.

Letter to Aksayananda -- London August 2, 1972:

I have just now got one letter from Gargamuni Maharaja, and he has had a very, very good success in Gujarat State by driving one van which he has borrowed for one month only. In that letter he has requested very urgently that one van be provided immediately from the European centers. So I wish that combinedly you may all pool your resources and purchase one nice van. Furthermore, a few men will be required to take that van by driving it to India. So I am placing this matter in the hands of Hamsaduta and he will do the needful. Now you all please cooperate with him as much as possible for procuring this dream of mine.

Letter to Bali-mardana -- London August 5, 1972:

I am in due receipt of your latest letter, undated, along with two advance copies of Back to Godhead #46 and #47. I have handed over these copies to Mr. George Harrison who is enjoying them very much. Yesterday he has taken me to one 75-acre farm near London which he has found for our London asrama. If we take this place then I shall make London my world or European headquarters, and I am applying also for British residential status. I have cancelled the program temporarily in Nairobi for completing my business in London, so I shall remain here until the end of August, and then fly to New Vrindaban as scheduled.

Letter to Gurudasa, Yamuna -- London 11 August, 1972:

There is some trouble with Satchitananda, he informs me you are trying to drive him away because he has written that letter about Yamuna, so that should not be the case. Better to cooperate all of you and do something tangible for Krsna. Stop this fighting. Have a European preaching center and try to enlist all the hippies and tourists who come to Vrndavana. Give them nice prasadam, engage them in chanting, cleaning the temple, reading our books, and give them all facilities for becoming devotees.

Letter to Bali-mardana, Pusta Krsna -- Los Angeles 18 September, 1972:

That means everyone is not conscientious. These things are not new to you, why do you continually ask these questions? The GBC authority must be accepted under all circumstances, not that there will be fighting amongst you. This fighting spirit will destroy everything, but what can I do, you American and European boys are trained up in this fighting attitude. Now put it aside and simply work cooperatively for spreading this movement all over the world. The standards I have already given you, now try to maintain them at all times under standard procedure. Do not try to innovate or create anything or manufacture anything, that will ruin everything. Simply do as I am doing and be always serious and sincere to serve Krsna, and He will give you intelligence how to do everything.

Letter to Cyavana -- Los Angeles 22 September, 1972:

Thank you very much for your letter dated 18th September 1972, and with great satisfaction I have noted the contents therein. I am pleased to understand that things are once again back to normal in Nairobi and that you are all very enthusiastic to spread our preaching work amongst the Africans and American and European boys and girls there. I have heard from Rsi Kumar also that South Africa is first class field in Africa for preaching. Now you say the basic expenditures are finished and we have got very nice place there, now concentrate on making men into devotees and recruiting especially the African boys for helping us preach all over the continent of Africa. That is very good news that you have sent more than $1,200 to Karandhara, now you may order as many more books as you require from him and take similar sanction from the government for repaying him.

Letter to Sivananda -- Vrindaban 3 November, 1972:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 20, 1972, from Berlin, and I have noted the contents with care. I am very glad to hear from you that Berlin centre is progressing nicely under your expert supervision. You are one of my older disciples and I think you were the first devotee in European continent, so now you have got good experience how to do the things well, and I see that you are sincerely applying your knowledge to expand Krishna Consciousness movement with good result. That is very much appreciated by me. Now go on in this way, distributing books profusely and preaching and making devotees, and that activity will be the perfection of your life.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Vrindaban 5 November, 1972:

Now I am sure there will be some solid work in Mediterranean zone and the preaching work will be expanded nicely.

One thing is, if that printer is so cheap, why not print all our European books there? Anyway, print books, distribute profusely, and that will be the best preaching work. What will your three minutes' preaching do?—but if they buy one book, it may turn their life. So make this your important task, to print our books in French language and other languages, and distribute widely, and that will please my Guru Maharaja. Never mind it takes little time to make progress, our process is slow but sure, and we are confident that if we continue in this way we shall go one day back to home, back to Godhead.

Letter to Pusta Krsna -- Vrindaban 8 November, 1972:

Just as I am doing. Sometimes I go to the bank, sometimes keep accounts, sometimes preach, hold the class, write books, sometimes cook—sannyasi should be expert in all departments, and he should distribute his experience to others, that's all. So I think you are the right man for assisting me in this way in European continent, and Krishna has brought you to the right place, so with great enthusiasm go forward. Thank you very much.

Yes, everyone of you should write something, so if you have completed any small booklets, you may send them to me and I shall see them and send to Hayagriva for possibly printing.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Ahmedabad 13 December, 1972:

I am also very happy to receive the copies of your booklets in French language, and I am surprised that the price is so cheap. So why not make arrangement that all our books should be printed there? At least we may print the books in German and French and other European languages. Consult with the others, and if it is good opportunity in their all estimation, then why not combine and print there? That is the first business, make books and distribute. So I am always encouraged to hear that you are increasing in this respect of making books in foreign languages. Your title "anti-matter and Eternity—A study on immortality through Bhakti-yoga" is liked by me, it is a good translation of "Easy Journey."

Letter to Pusta Krsna -- Bombay 29 December, 1972:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 27, 1972, and I can very well appreciate your preaching work on European continent, having received very favorable reports from other big leaders there. That is wanted, that all of you will take upon yourselves the responsibility of preaching widely everywhere the message of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. By that responsible commitment to your spiritual master, that is your qualification for getting Krsna's blessing upon you. And only in this way will you be able to make your spiritual progress rapidly. So you are very determined and intelligent boy, you have got a cool head, so I am very much confident that you will be able to render more and more the best service to Krsna and to your spiritual master.

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Revatinandana -- Bombay 4 January, 1973:

So now if there are two of you that will give me great relief. Kirtanananda will chant on the beads for new devotees in America, Canada, like that, you can chant on the beads for the European continent new disciples. They shall, of course, still be considered as my disciples, not that they shall become your disciples, but you will be empowered by me to chant their beads and that is the same effect of binding master and disciple as if I were personally chanting. They may continue to send me their letters of request, along the President's recommendation, and I shall give them name and it will be entered by my Secretary in our records, only I will send my letter of reply to you and you will purchase beads there and chant them and send, along with my letter to the new initiates. Is that all right?

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Bombay 5 January, 1973:

Henceforth, then, I shall send copies of my letters of reply to the new devotees, wherever I am in the world, to you, and besides that the new devotees themselves will write to you and send you their beads. Similarly, I have appointed Revatinandana Maharaja in England to chant the beads of the new devotees on European Continent. Otherwise, in other parts of the world, I shall chant them as always.

Letter to Damodara -- Bombay, India 9 January, 1973:

I have given that responsibility as it is too costly to send so many beads such great distance by air mail. Now I am getting so many requests for first initiation, therefore I have given that responsibility to Kirtanananda, and Revatinandana will chant on the beads for the European devotees.

I am so glad to understand from you your concern about the managing of our Krsna Consciousness movement. Yes, you are my elder disciple, you are one of the leaders of our Society; therefore, it is your duty to feel always this responsibility for seeing that the things go on properly. So I am very glad to hear that you are taknog so many steps for improving things and spreading Krsna Consciousness more and more to the citizens at large.

Letter to Jaya Hari -- Calcutta 28 June, 1973:

In the meantime I received one telegram from Syamasundara: "Flying London Wednesday will Telex your tickets Thursday. BOAC Calcutta office." Therefore as soon as I get the tickets I shall try to reserve my seats and reach London as early as possible before 8 July. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm. Offer my beloved blessings for all devotees who have signed the invitation album. I shall enjoy their company when I meet them. I wish to visit the other branches in England. Invite all members of our European centers and make the ceremony very very successful by combined effort.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Calcutta 4 July, 1973:

So by your diligent work and devotion, all permission is secured and all materials are on hand. Let us pray to Krsna for speedy progress on the construction of our Krsna Balarama temple. Now many of our American and European devotees are coming to our temple in Mayapur and on completion of the Vrindaban temple we shall be able to give facilities to our ISKCON devotees all over the world to visit these two most holy places in the world.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 22 July, 1973:

The translating of our books such as Bhagavad-gita and Isopanisad is of the utmost importance and I am very thankful that you are seriously taking on this practical work for spreading Krsna Consciousness in your European zone.

The best date for the installation of Deities will be August 10th, Friday. So we shall probably arrive in Paris on the 9th of August and stay until August 15th when we shall return to London. You can arrange for meetings with respectable gentlemen of France, to take place in my quarters while I am there. You can immediately send open plane tickets for myself, Srutakirti, Hamsaduta and Pradyumna (Vincent Florentino, Hans Kary and Paul Sherbow).

Letter to Mahamsa -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 8 August, 1973:

The Hyderabad caste brahmanas came to fight with me on the issue that brahmanas are made by Birth, but we do not follow this principal, therefore now if we accept this defective donation and later on this question is raised that we are getting the Deity Worship maintained by Europeans and Americans who are not born in brahmana families there will be great litigation on this issue and it may be judgement is against us, then what we will do? We have to invest lakhs of Rupees on this temple construction and if later on this is cancelled as you write distinctly "The deed of trust shall stand as cancelled and the property hereby conveyed in trust shall revert back to the author of the trust."

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 27 September, 1973:

Their brain is now obsessed with economic development. The government is encouraging to eat meat and drink. Big, big shops are now opened in every city for selling mutton, beef, and wine. . But the mission of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu is now transferred from the Indian hands to the hands of the Americans and Europeans. I think for management of our Indian branches we shall require more men from the Western countries. Formally Western people used to come to India to teach them how to develop industries, railway and other modern activities in politics, sociology and even in religion by spreading Christianity. Now the Western people have to take the leadership of spreading Vedic culture all over the world. I have given the initiation, but the rest of the work will depend on you young men and women of America. Kindly organize things in that spirit and be blessed by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and through Him by Lord Krsna.

Letter to Indira Gandhi -- New Delhi 6 November, 1973:

So we in our humble way are trying to spread this cult of Bhagavad-gita all over the world, and my American and European disciples, two samples of them are meeting with you, are helping me in this connection. After all, Bhagavad-gita is the sublime cultural knowledge, and of course religion is included there, but it is not fanaticism or sentimental religion. It is based on pure science, philosophy, and logic.

I wish that our Indian government will be proud to take up this cultural movement very seriously, so that the whole world will be benefited, and India will be glorified. I hope Krsna will give you the proper sense to understand my humble presentation, and it will be a great pleasure to know you have relished this Bhagavad-gita As It Is without any unauthorized commentation.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 1 December, 1973:

I am anxious to know if there has been any response from the Home Minister of India to the letter I wrote him while I was in New Delhi regarding the Indian Government assisting us in the development of our Juhu Beach Project. Our idea is to construct a hotel for American and European tourists to come and learn about factual spiritual life. While they are coming, there will be foreign exchange and the Indian Government is very much in favor of this. In this way, if we can convince them to help us by granting permanent visas for 100 to 150 of our men it will be a solution to our visa problems. Also, why not solicit a loan from the Government for 2 crores for developing our Juhu Beach Tourist Hotel. We will repay them in foreign exchange. You can point out that we have already invested up to 20 lakhs in foreign exchange so our projects in India are advantageous to the Indian economic development. This is the key to Governmental support in India.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 13 December, 1973:

The news of the preaching work in New Delhi is very nice—continue with it. There are many intelligent men in that quarter, mostly European. So far as the Russian correspondent, try to convince him about our philosophy. We want to unit the world on the platform of Krsna Consciousness under one state, one government, one religion and one scripture. It will be successful if we work cautiously and maintain our standards.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 21 December, 1973:

As he states therein, he is willing to teach our students Hindi and Sanskrit. We want to introduce this program of teaching our students Hindi and Sanskrit for two reasons. First of all, as I have already explained in a previous letter, if we can establish a bona fide language school then our American and European disciples can acquire student visas for coming to India. This will solve our visa problem. Secondly, if our students can actually preach in Hindi, periodically quoting Sanskrit, it will be a very good credit for us and very respectfully received by the Indian people. I have asked Dr. Kapoor in Vrindaban and also one pandita named Nrsimha Vallabha to also teach our students Hindi and Sanskrit.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Revatinandana -- Los Angeles 9 January, 1974:

Mukunda das has sent me a pamphlet in which the pictures are objectionable. The name of the place at Letchmore Heath we have already named Bhaktivedanta Manor, European Center of ISKCON. He has printed "Gokula Vrindaban". In the last picture there is a cowhead like a slaughterhouse cow with t-lock on. I have sent him a telegram to stop it and a detailed letter will follow to Mukunda. The telegram reads as follows: "Pamphlet picture most objectionable. Stop immediately. Letter follows." Please see that this is stopped by Mukunda.

Letter to Mukunda -- Los Angeles 12 January, 1974:

Don't spoil much time in that kind of thinking. Try to read our books. You are the president there so you must be very conversant with our philosophy. The other picture was objectionable because the photo of our temple is advertised as Gokula Vrindaban. It has, however, already been advertised as Bhaktivedanta Manor, Headquarters of European ISKCON. I am pleased that you stopped issuing the literature. But people will not be induced to come by issuing some literature. In the temple there must be activities which will attract people to come.

Letter to Sripada Radhika Bhava -- Honolulu 17 January, 1974:

With humble obeisances at the lotus feet of the devotee, Sripada Radhika Bhava, please accept my humble obeisances. At the moment I am in Hawaii Island. I am requesting you that after our Navadvipa parikrama about two hundred to three hundred European devotees will go to Vrndavana for parikrama. That's why Sriman Guru das is going to see you with this letter. Kindly introduce Guru das to the son of our panda (the guide for the pilgrim) whom you have recently given Rs. 100 on my behalf. If that panda goes with them and shows them Govardhana and other places then I will be very much grateful. Please accept my humble obeisances and convey my humble obeisances to Sripada Shar Maharaja. I will go to India soon.

Letter to Sahadeva -- Honolulu 23 January, 1974:

It is not that we are stopping second initiation, but I want to be sure it does not become a farce and names be sent to me without proper qualification. We are criticizing the caste brahmanas for saying that the Americans and Europeans cannot be awarded brahmana initiation, because according to Vedic sastra, anyone who is properly trained up under a bona fide spiritual master, can become twice born. But if our brahmanas do not take their second initiation seriously, then we will be deserving of criticism. So on this basis, if your think the men you have recommended are still eligible, you can resubmit their names to me and I will accept them.

Letter to Pusta Krsna -- Vrindaban 7 February, 1974:

Your report is very encouraging to me, that you distributed 110 Gitas in two days in Capetown, South Africa. You also find that there is good preaching to be done there among intelligent Indians and Europeans. And for the people in general you can hold kirtana and distribute prasadam sumptuously.

So I understand you are now at the Bhaktivedanta Manor assisting Mukunda in strictly following the parampara and encouraging all the devotees in that direction. When your work is done there, you may return to South Africa, and I have asked Mukunda to help you with some men for South Africa. I am also very pleased with the reports I am getting from Brahmananda Swami, so please cooperate with him in Africa.

Letter to Hrdayananda -- Vrindaban 14 March, 1974:

I was pleased to appoint you as GBC of South America in the hope that you will organize the printing and distribution of my literature there, on the scale of the U.S. and European Zones. I have been informed there is a very good chance for spreading Krishna Consciousness in South America.

Just as Hamsaduta and Bhagavan have gone to foreign countries and arranged for a solid program of translation, printing and distribution of my books by sankirtana party, so you will also find the devotees in South America willing to help you in this noble project which is for the benediction of the suffering humanity.

Letter to Mukunda -- Bombay 27 March, 1974:

That is the meaning of good management, to see that everyone is engaged 24 hours a day, and not sleeping unnecessarily or talking idly. I think Madhavananda has good ideas and is a good organizer. So he is returning to you in a few days; you two please work together so that devotees will be enthusiastic to remain and work at the Manor. We have such a nice variety of engagement there, sankirtana, deity worship, gardening—there is no scarcity of important work. I shall be eager to hear from you further how things are going in all departments, at our European Headquarters.

Letter to Puranjana -- Bombay 7 April, 1974:

I have asked Hamsaduta to go there immediately and take charge of the situation. It is not good that things have deteriorated to such a stage as you describe in your letter, but let us try to rectify and save the situation. I myself will be traveling to Paris in the second week of May, for a tour of European cities, and I will meet with Hamsaduta then as well as other leaders, and we will make a decision for the permanent leadership of the centers.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Bombay 8 April, 1974:

This is my program. I am still here until the 15th of May. I am going to Hyderabad on the 18th of April and then going to Tirupati. So from there I can go to Jagannatha Puri if arrangements can be made.

It is very regrettable that these European and American boys who are purely Vaisnava and who follow all principles are not allowed by the rascals to enter the temple. As stated in the Padma Purāṇa: arcye visnau siladhir gurusu naramatir Vaisnave jati buddhir.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Hyderabad 21 April, 1974:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your GBC report of April 11, 1974.

Your activities in book publication and distribution in the German and other European languages is very engladdening to me. I am enclosing the latest letter I have received from Wolf Rottkay and I am glad you have been able to engage him; cultivate this man, he is an important elderly professor in a U.S. university and wants to be engaged in Krsna Consciousness. Your chart for reporting book and record distribution is approved by me, as from this chart I can quickly see how the centers are doing. Yes, by all means you may print my morning walk speaking about "Life comes from Life" into a small book; this argument should be spread, as any intelligent man will be convinced that our discussion is thoroughly scientific and exposes the so called materialistic scientists as rascals.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Tirupati 28 April, 1974:

In the absence of competent leaders we may take the post. But we must be very careful in the flow of the political movement we may not forget our ideal life. For example, Parasaram was a Brahmin but when he found the ksatriyas were mismanaging he killed them twenty one times and some of them fled to European countries. This is the history. So far we are concerned we shall keep ourselves in ideal brahminical position and if need be if no ksatriya or Vaisya is here we can take up their work as emergency. Our business is to create ideal ksatriyas and vaisyas but beyond that our real business is to keep ourselves as ideal Brahmins. If we are not ideal we cannot create others as ideal. Training is required for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes of social constitution. Persons who are not fit for being advanced by training are sudras or less than that. At the present moment in the world state, there are sudras and less than that. There are no ideal brahmanas or ksatriyas.

Letter to Ajita -- Bombay 29 April, 1974:

We get devotees after much difficulty, now you have to keep them nicely and see they are always engaged in serving Krsna.

I want to come to Stockholm on my upcoming European tour. Bhagavan das has been arranging a number of festivals for me to speak at as well as meeting important people in Rome, Paris and Geneva. Please get in touch with him and if possible schedule a meeting with some important men of your country who may be interested in understanding the science of Krsna. Of course hardly anyone is interest in achieving his real self interest, love of Krsna, but our presentation is so scientific that learned persons are appreciating it all over the world.

Letter to Bhavatarini -- Bombay 4 May, 1974:

As for Sudama Maharaja, it is better that he write to me separately; I will send him money from here for his projects.

If you like to come to India you will be most welcome. The sites at Mayapur and Vrindaban are just for my American and European students who can come and get the benefit of these holy places. You seemed to have taken a new grasp on Krsna Consciousness when you say, "As for where to live, my only concern now is to live where I can best serve you." A pure devotee actually has no problems for himself; wherever he is he can read books like Krsna Books and chant Hare Krsna, get some prasadam and always think of Krsna. Prahlada Maharaja prayed like that: I have no problem for myself.

Letter to The Management of Tirupati-Tirumala-Devasthanam -- Bombay 4 May, 1974:

I wish to express my heart-felt gratitude for the kind treatment given me and my disciples, members of the Hare Krishna Movement on our recent two day visit in Tirumala. The special excess we were given for darsana before Balaji is something we will always remember favorably, and for my American and European followers it was a rarely given privilege for which they are fully appreciative. We all left Tirupati feeling very much inspired by the darsana and by your excellent management, and we hope to return when we are able again.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Bombay 5 May, 1974:

Regarding your invitation that I attend the Rathayatra festival in San Francisco, on July 7th, it is possible that I may attend depending on when I finish my European tour. I am due to arrive in Rome on May 23, then after a week Geneva, the Paris and possible Stockholm, Germany and England. If there is time I can fly directly from Europe to Los Angeles and go to the festival, then as you suggest, go to Australia Rathayatra via Hawaii. This is known as jet-age parivrajakacarya. For the present I will be staying in Bombay for about two weeks, then to Delhi and Vrindaban before leaving for Rome.

Letter to Govinda -- Bombay 8 May, 1974:

It is very wonderful news that you have permission to hold Rathayatra downtown on the main street on Saturday, July 6 and tens of thousands of people will view the cart. I have been invited to attend the Rathayatra in San Francisco which is July 8. So I am hoping also I will stop in Chicago on my way to San Francisco and observe the festival with you. I will inform you further regarding sending us plane tickets, when our European tour is more fixed up. We can discuss further your plans for securing a new building when I come there.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Bombay 12 May, 1974:

So it will not be possible for me to attend Rathayatra if you have scheduled it for June. I am immediately going to the US after Europe to attend Rathayatra in Chicago on July 6 and then Rathayatra in San Francisco on July 8. From there I will come to Australia toward the middle or end of July. If it is possible for you to reschedule your Rathayatra for the end of July then I will attend. But I will come to Australia at that time anyway. I do not know if you will be able to reschedule your Rathayatra. So if you wish to communicate with me I will be in the European cities as dated above.

Letter to Sridhara Maharaja -- Los Angeles 7 July, 1974:

I am so much thankful for your appreciating my preaching work in the Western countries. Fortunately these American boys and girls are so kind upon me that we are happily preaching this movement all over the world. This time my world touring covers many European cities like Rome, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt,; then I went to Australia to Melbourne, then to Chicago via Fiji and Hawaii. From Chicago I came to San Francisco and at present I am staying at Los Angeles. From here I shall go to Dallas, Texas. From there I shall go to West Virginia to our center New Vrindaban. From there I shall go to London. In London our Ratha yatra festival has been held up, and I think behind this obstruction there is some communal feeling. The local religious sect is not always happy on account of our movement being so fast growing.

Letter to All ISKCON Presidents -- Bombay 30 July, 1974:

This is to introduce Sri and Smt. Karatieya Mahadevia of Bombay who are my good friends and our Life Members. They are now making an extensive tour of American and European cities and will be especially visiting all our centers. I want that they should be well received and accommodated and also given prasadam, and they may be offered whatever assistance they may require on their journey. Sri Mahadevia has kindly hosted me in Bombay before we have gotten our own place, so I am eager to see that he and his wife are nicely received at all our temples.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Vrindaban 7 September, 1974:

Try to revive the Ratha Yatra next year in London. Agree to follow all their instructions, but the ratha must move in procession as it was done previously. People enjoyed it, both European and Indian. Everyone enjoyed. Why there should be this restriction for public enjoyment? This is injustice both the Indian and European people.

Regarding Madhavananda he will work more and more enthusiastically. Both husband and wife. Combined together they can do herculean task. And they are devotees also. He is good worker. Encourage him. It is nice that you are purchasing the houses in front of Bhaktivedanta Manor. Yes, have London pay BBT as much as possible. They owe a great amount.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Vrindaban 15 September, 1974:

So far my health is concerned, I am improving daily, although I am not quite fit to the standard, but I hope that a change will come about during this seasonal change of October so that I will be fit enough to return to USA by next April by the time our Gaurange Hall will be complete. With great jubilation we shall open this hall for the glory of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Europeans and Americans are very agitative, but since we have all taken a pledge to the service of Krsna, we have to change this habit for the peaceful service of Krsna. Everything will be all right by the grace of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. In the meantime do not be agitated and remain Krsna conscious.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Mayapur 1 October, 1974:

Regarding increasing the distribution in USA, yes I expect better service from you. Therefore I have appointed you BBT Trustee. Also, Ramesvara is a very nice boy. You can go to USA, that is all right, but if your European and German men are doing well in Europe, why their attention should be diverted by going to USA. For technical help they can go, but it is better if the local men are trained up to do it, like the boy Tripurari.

Letter to Pusta Krsna -- Mayapur 16 October, 1974:

Your success with the South Africans there is very good. I have initiated the boy and girl, and their spiritual names are as follows: Gokulendra dasa and Rocani devi dasi. You can chant on their beads. You must get more South Africans to join and make our mission solid there. The Indians they are hopeless so far I have seen, so get the Europeans to join as many possible. Regarding the draft situation, let them go from the college to the temple. They can stay with us for some time and then go back and forth. In the colleges they can introduce our books. We are getting very good written appreciations from learned circles in USA of our books and many libraries and universities are ordering an open order all of the books as they are published.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Mayapur 19 October, 1974:

Regarding the farm, farm opening is not very essential, but if you can do it conveniently, then do it. The varnasrama system is for convenience sake in the material world. It has nothing to do with spiritual life. Acceptance of varnasrama means a little easy progress to spiritual life, otherwise it has no importance to us. For example, all my European and American disciples have no varnasrama position, but spiritually because they have followed the rules and regulations and also my instructions, their advancement spiritually is being appreciated by everyone. Always remember that varnasrama life is a good program for material life, and it helps one in spiritual life; but spiritual life is not dependent upon it. After all the system of varnasrama has to be realized before accepting spiritual life; and the renounced order of sannyasa is the last stage of varnasrama.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Mayapur 19 October, 1974:

Regarding starting a travelling Sankirtana party with yourself at the head, yes it is approved. It is good.

Regarding the London affair, what can be done. This is the American and European habit of diplomacy. Unless there is spiritual advancement they will do by their nature like this. The whole thing should be corrected by diverting their attention to chanting and the regulative principles. We have to tackle these problems very carefully. In Bengali it is said wherever there is the goddess of fortune, there are varieties of responsibility. When I was alone there were not so many letters of so many problems.

Letter to Saurabha -- Bombay 26 November, 1974:

It is all Krishna's grace. Bon Maharaja had to go several times to get the Governor, but with one letter he has accepted our invitation. Our movement is being accepted. They are saying that Swamiji is doing nice things. So it is up to you Europeans and Americans to push it all over the world, and one day you will be the leaders of the world. It is not difficult. You just have to work sincerely and intelligently. Krishna will do everything.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Bombay 31 December, 1974:

Now, considering the European situation in a meeting between Myself, yourself and Bhagavan das, I think Madhavananda should become president of London and Prabhavisnu should become president of Amsterdam and you can arrange this.

Regarding the grhasthas living in the temple, I have already discussed with you in detail, so do the needful. The principle is that we make propaganda for devotees to come. Don't ask any of them to go away. That is not our principle. So, make nice arrangement for all the devotees there.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Bhagavan -- Tokyo 27 January, 1975:

I am in due receipt of your telegram reading as follows (dated Jan. 25th, 1975): NEED SANCTION LETTER FROM PRABHUPADA FOR MANAGING OTHER EUROPEAN TEMPLES FORWARD TO PARIS GERMANY—BHAGAVANDAS. So far our movement is concerned, actually it is not a so-called religion movement. People throughout the whole world are more or less disgusted with the man-made religious systems. Therefore the government of different states is gradually banning the preaching of religion. People in general also think that this is also another type of so-called religion. So, gradually, they will take steps for banning our propaganda also, unless we present our system very scientifically based on philosophy. Of course, by Krishna's grace, the higher learned section is appreciating our books. That is the only hope for pushing on.

Letter to Manasvi -- Mayapur 1 April, 1975:

Continue all your programs there nicely, giving special stress to strictly following all of the rules and regulations especially the four regulative principles and chanting 16 rounds daily then everything will be very nice. I will most likely be coming there in the fall for some time after my European and American tour.

Letter to Mr. R.L. Bhatt -- Mayapur 2 April, 1975:

I have received your kind letter dated 19th March and have noted the contents. I am very glad that you have appreciated our movement so nicely. I am sorry to say that I did not reach your letter until quite a few days after I left Bombay. Our festival has gone very nicely here in Mayapur. About 400 American and European devotees have come for the celebrations this year. We will all be going to Vrndavana for the opening of our Krishna-Balarama temple there on April 20th, 1975. You and your family are cordially invited to attend our functions there if it is convenient for you at that time.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Melbourne 19 May, 1975:

Simply make a nice preaching center. Yes, while you are in India you may appoint other competent devotees to take responsibilities. I am very pleased with the life member program as well as the annadan program. That is a very good idea.

Regarding BBT affairs, European publications are your main business, but for the time being, you must also see to the accounts and managing of the BBT in USA. Bhagavan can also be another BBT trustee. His name can be added to the list. It is approved by me that you get the books for only 20% above the cost of printing.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Honolulu 31 May, 1975:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated May 23, 1975 and have noted the contents. Your report is very nice to hear. If you give the right protection to the cows, then they will give so much milk, that the ground of New Vrndavana will be muddy with milk. European and American civilization will be finished on account of this sinful activity of killing the cows. Actually, one should not circumambulate when the Deity is open. It is stated in the Nectar of Devotion. I think you can close the doors to the Deity room during Tulasi puja and then open them again afterwards.

Letter to Prabhakar -- Honolulu 31 May, 1975:

I can immediately take up the task of opening a center there and to open a varna-asrama college there affiliated by the university. In this college we shall train up pure brahmanas, (qualified brahmanas), Ksatriyas and Vaisyas. That is the injunction of Bhagavad-gita. And this institution will be open for all without any discrimination. As I am training these European and American boys, most of them coming from Christian and Jewish families, and they are accepting to become a pure brahmana and then a pure sannyasi. This system should be introduced. They must sit for proper examination after being trained. And then why not accept them as real brahmana by quality and work? This procedure is recommended both in the Bhagavad-gita and in the Srimad-bhagavatam.

Letter to Hamsaduta, Bhagavan -- Vrindaban 1 September, 1975:

I have received one letter from Alanatha das Brahmacari, President of ISKCON Stockholm, in which he reports that there is much interest in Krishna consciousness in Eastern European countries. He is recommending two boys for initiation from Czechoslovakia. I do not know the language otherwise I would have gone there. So I am requesting you to make vigorous propaganda in Eastern Europe. In the latest English BTG there is my discussion about Marx philosophy which will appeal to any sane gentleman. This should be read and translated. Lenin killed the Czar that's all, but any gunda can do that.

Letter to Kirtiraja -- Vrindaban 15 September, 1975:

Regarding your preaching in Poland, you go there immediately. Take this opportunity. I want that our preaching be pushed in the Eastern European countries. I have recently written to Bhagavan Das and Hamsaduta regarding this. This boy who has written from Poland, can be sent a set of books, Krishna Book, Caitanya Caritamrta, and Bhagavad-gita. If he cannot pay that is all right. You are an intelligent boy, and I know that you will be successful in preaching there.

Letter to Sri Singh -- Bombay 12 November, 1975:

I am in due receipt of your letter from Imphal, Manipur dated August 18, 1975 forwarded to me by my disciple Dr. Svarupa Damodara das. I am prepared to go to Manipur with some of my European and Indian disciples some time in April, 1976. I have written to Sri. N. Tombi Singh in New Delhi as per your instructions. Please find enclosed copy of letter.

Letter to Sri N. Tombi Singh -- Bombay 12 November, 1975:

I have received a letter from the Manipur Gita Mandal in Imphal dated August 18, 1975 inviting me and my disciples to Manipur for putting on my programs. I am prepared to go to Manipur with 6 or 7 or my European and Indian disciples in April, 1976. So if you can arrange for my going there, I am prepared.

Letter to Hrdayananda -- Bombay 13 November, 1975:

He was expecting me for a very long time, and South Africa is a strict place in the matter of visa and so on. After going there I was very much satisfied with how my movement is being received there. After my lecture in the University the Europeans clapped and they were very enthusiastically purchasing my books.

Now I have come back, so let me stay in India. I will remain in Bombay, Vrindaban, and Mayapur. As you have desired, now let me do that, to sit down tightly and concentrate on the translating business. But, if you disturb me, then my mind will be disturbed. I want that what I have established may go on nicely, but I see that some of the devotees are reviving their old "good" qualities.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Bombay 14 November, 1975:

Also in Paris I have seen this. I have received the Italian new literatures and they are very, very nice. Thank you very much.

Regarding Spain, yes, don't risk anything. You've got sufficient engagement in the other European cities. Do everything slow but sure. The new French Back to Godhead is very nice. Amsterdam temple has also grown to 55 devotees. This is a credit, not that the temple should be a place simply for good residence. It should be a place where there is constant activity in Krsna's service. The Westerners have good brains, but they do not have any good leader. Now the Krsna consciousness movement will provide them with good leader if they take it seriously. Regarding the contract with the incense manufacturer, don't supply them if they do not pay. That is very good to separate the Spiritual Sky business from the temple.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 20 November, 1975:

Why not purchase the Houston temple? And I am glad to note the successful program in Gainesville temple.

Regarding the Africa preaching, in South Africa it was very successful. Although they do not like Indians there very much, still in the university when I spoke, all the European audience, they clapped after and then they purchased my books very enthusiastically. It was very encouraging. Anyone who is not biased and fanatically sophisticated will like our books. Yes, I am doing Srimad-Bhagavatam, trying to finish. I am trying my best.

Letter to Kirtiraja -- New Delhi 2 December, 1975:

I am very happy that you are taking a chance for Krishna, do everything very carefully and sincerely, Krishna will help you. Lord Caitanya predicted that in the modern age this movement would be spread to every town and village of the world. So by the sincere help of you American and European boys and girls it is actually happening. It is not bogus, like communism, socialism and so many isms going on in the world today. But is purely spiritual authorized by the disciplic succession tracing all the way back to Krishna himself who spoke this science of life 5,000 years ago on the battlefield of Kuruksetra. The battlefield is still there and you will be happy to know that yesterday we have been at that very spot where Krishna spoke to Arjuna, and we will build a gorgeous Krishna Arjuna temple there. People will come from all over the world to see it and understand the authority and sublime message of Lord Krishna.

Letter to Aja -- Vrindaban 4 December, 1975:

Whatever knowledge they have got now is on the platform of this body, which is a lump of matter only, there is no knowledge of the soul which is entrapped within the lump of matter, and so people are suffering because of ignorance of this simple point. So try to enlighten them on this point and make them happy, that will please me and krishna, and thus you will become perfect yourself.

My blessings to Sivananda Prabhu, he is a good boy, he singlehandedly started the European movement.

Letter to Sri Tikandas J. Batra -- Vrindaban 9 December, 1975:

Regarding your question, There is really a place as Vaikuntha, beyond this dark material universe. In the material world if our consciousness is changed to Krishna then even here is vaikuntha consciousness. This is very easy to understand. Suppose one is a foreigner in India, but still he can continue his European or American consciousness. The process for doing this is bhakti yoga and the beginning of that process is hearing and chanting the Holy Name of Krishna, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Please chant Hare Krishna and be always in Krishna consciousness.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Kashinath Mullick -- Honolulu 4 May, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated April 12, 1976, to my Vrindaban address, and I have noted the contents with care. Since then I have left Vrindaban on my European and American tour and your letter was redirected to me here. From Vrindaban, I went to Australia, then Auckland, New Zealand, and then to Fiji Island where I laid the foundation stone for our new temple there. It was very gorgeously executed.

I am very glad to know that you are going to discuss the proposed matter amongst your contemporaries of the Subarnabanik Community and I shall be glad to hear the report.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Los Angeles 4 June, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated May 17, 1976, with the enclosed Dutch edition of the Bhagavad-gita and I thank you very much. It is very nicely printed.

This book production is real progress. It is very good news to hear that you are producing so many books in the European languages. This is most pleasing to me.

Now we are starting new centres in Athens and a new building is being acquired in Rome. So as you have requested you can make a program for Rome, and I can go there just after the program in France. The program in France and Rome will be between July 26, and August 10, 1976, before I will be going on to India to officially open our Hyderabad centre.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 6 June, 1976:

If the Gita is seen as important preaching work, then the Government should help, they should give all facilities. The government can help in the following ways for instance: 1). Our members want to stay and preach but the immigration department is giving us trouble. They are driving us away. So few Indians are coming, but the Americans and the European are coming. Indian educated boys, they are after some service to get income, they are not joining. This must be tackled tactfully. Our mission is to preach Gita. The best thing is that if we can conjointly preach, we can benefit the whole of India, and the whole of the world. Vinobaji is very respected and they can do a great deal to help our preaching mission.

Letter to Riddha -- Detroit 15 June, 1976:

The initiates are vowing before the Deity, the Spiritual Master, the fire, the Vaisnavas, and the Supersoul to follow the four regulative principles: namely no illicit sex-life, no intoxication, no meat-eating, and no gambling, and to chant daily at least 16 rounds of japa. In this way if they hold firmly to this principle there will not be any obstacle to their steady progress in Krishna Consciousness, and one can go back to home, back to Godhead in this lifetime.

There is good potency there in South Africa and the Europeans are also taking up Krishna Consciousness seriously so continue enthusiastically to preach and distribute books and develop a nice center in Durban.

Letter to Harikesa -- New Vrindaban 24 June, 1976:

The communism book that you have written, they say that there are some words that may be irritating to the communists. We have just finished a book which Hayagriva is editing at present. It is called Dialectic Spiritualism and within that book, your comments can be added if need be for preaching in the Eastern European countries.

Don't try for Vaikuntha players, etc. in Eastern Europe at this time. It will make too much encumbrance and you may not be able to manage it.

1977 Correspondence

Letter to Harikesa -- Bhuvanesvara 1 February, 1977:

I am immediately engladdened when I hear of your plans to produce new German books; this is first class.

If you are getting people to chant and take prasadam in Eastern European countries, that is our great success. If you so desire, you can send manuscripts of Hungarian and other books and we can get them printed in India cheaper. In this matter you can write to Gopala Krsna prabhu. Our movement is an epidemic. It will devour the whole of Europe and America. As for the newspapers giving bad reports, they simply take some opportunity for selling their newspaper; it has no lasting value. These countries are faced with difficulty but it is nature's law.

Letter to Harikesa -- Bombay 6 May, 1977:

Regarding the Arabic translation, whether it is good or bad, something should be printed. As you have suggested, let it be printed in India. Our good friend Mr. Brij Ratan Mohatta volunteered to help pay the printing costs of Arabic publication. So in this regard you can send the manuscripts to Gopala Krishna, and he will arrange everything. Regarding the translations into Russian and other East European languages, you are the expert in the field, so however you decide to get the work done is alright. I will simply be very glad to receive any publications from these languages. If you think that by getting a telex hookup in Bombay our international work would be benefited, I have no objection.

Letter to Saurabha -- Bombay 26 May, 1974:

So we have to arrange very nicely for their accommodation. The Governor will require a special apartment for his staying.

It is all Krishna's grace. Bon Maharaja had to go several times to get the Governor, but with one letter he has accepted our invitation. Our movement is being accepted. They are saying that Swamiji is doing nice things. So it is up to you Europeans and Americans to push it all over the world, and one day you will be the leaders of the world. It is not difficult. You just have to work sincerely and intelligently. Krishna will do everything.

Letter to Ksirodakasayi -- Unknown Place Unknown Date:

We are getting a good opportunity to possess a nice house and a press in Vrndavana. So instead of making your headquarters in Delhi, if you live in Vrndavana and manage the printing affair and gradually develop a large press—what do you think of this idea? As you are conversant in both Hindi and English, you can train up some of our American and European students to speak Hindi. We can have a large center in Vrndavana. Please think this over and let me have your opinion as soon as possible.

Letter to VARIOUS -- Unknown Place Unknown Date:

So under these circumstances, if you do not want to give your time and energy full time for translating and editing the Hindi work, unless there is some compensation of money, then what can I do? All of these American and European boys and girls, they have had enough of money, they are sons of millionaires and rich men of America, still they do not ask me for one farthing for their work. They could go out and make thousands of dollars a month as educators and skilled professional men, still they prefer to live with me and eat only a little rice from the floor, and sleep on the cold ground without cover, that is their advanced realization of spiritual life.

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