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Dhicarini means

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"Dhicarini means"


Srimad-Bhagavatam Lectures

Dhicārinī means in the presence of children—one or two, it doesn't matter—she becomes enemy.
Lecture on SB 6.1.12 -- Los Angeles, June 25, 1975:

Now, by nature, according to Vedic civilization, that... Vedic civilization is natural life. It is not something artificial or irresponsible life. That is Vedic civilization. Vedic means full of knowledge, life with full of knowledge. That is called Vedic civilization. It is not a particular type of... With full of knowledge. So in the Vedic civilization a woman, if she has no child or son or daughter, she can marry for the second time. Otherwise, she will be enemy of the child. This is practical. If a woman has got child and again she marries, that means voluntarily she becomes enemy of his child. Therefore Cāṇakya Paṇḍita says, mātā śatru dvi cārinī.

ṛna-kartā pitā śatrur
mātā śatrur dvicārinī
rūpavatī bhāryā śatruḥ
putraḥ śatrur apaṇḍitaḥ

His moral instruction. Śatruḥ means enemy. Now, who are enemies within our family? Outside enemies, that is not very... That is natural. Everyone is enemy of the other man. But within the family, if we live with enemies, that is very difficult. So how enemies, who are enemies? That he has described: ṛna-kartā pitā śatruḥ. If the father is a great debtor, then he is enemy. Because people will criticize, "Oh, your father has taken so much money, so much credit. Why he is not paying? Why don't you...?" So he is enemy. Ṛna-kartā pitā śatrur. And according to Manu-saṁhitā law, if he does not inherit even a farthing from his father, and if his father dies debtor, then the son has to pay it. Because son inherits the property of the father, so he is responsible for the father's debt. Never mind he has got anything from the father or not. Therefore it is said, ṛna-kartā pitā śatruḥ: "A father who dies a debtor, then he is enemy." And mātā śatrur dhicārinī: "Mother, if in the presence of his son marries again, she is enemy. She is enemy." Ṛna-kartā pitā śatrur mātā śatrur dhicārinī. Dhicārinī means in the presence of children—one or two, it doesn't matter—she becomes enemy. Ṛna-kartā pitā śatrur mātā...rūpavatī bhāryā śatruḥ: "If you have got very beautiful wife, she is also enemy." (laughter) Because many man will try to kidnap, and you will have to remain always anxiety. (laughter) So rūpavatī bhāryā śatruḥ. And putraḥ śatrur apaṇḍitaḥ... (end)

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