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"release from"|"released from"|"releasing from"|"release oneself from"|"release one from"|"release them from"|"release himself from"|" released Ajamila from"|"released me from"|"release them from"|"release you from"|"release me from"|"release Sitadevi from"|"releasing them from "|"released Krsna from"|"released untimely from"|"released him from"|"release him from"|"release us from"|"released Kaliya from"|"release Samba from"|"release you from"|"released, freed from"|"released me from"|"release myself from"|"release you from"|"release ourself from"|"released earlier from"|"releases the devotee from"|"release the world from "|"release the dependent from"|"release the soul from"|"release the criminal from"|"released the universe from"|"released them immediately from"|"release us prisoners from"|"releases Srimati Radharani from"|"release their offspring from"|"release their husband from"|"released Lord Siva from"|"releasing atomic bomb from"|"release his children from"|"release this rascal from"|"release his dependent from"|"releases the son from"

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