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Rascal Gurus

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"rascal guru"|"rascal gurus"|"guru who is a rascal"|"gurus who are rascals"|"no rascal should become a guru"|"rascals are advertising, these gurus"|"rascals come as guru"|"not guru; they are all rascals"|"guru, this kind of rascal"|"rascal as guru"|"gurus, all rascals"|"not a guru. You are rascal"|"not guru. He's a rascal"|"rascal, not guru"|"not guru; he is rascal"|"rascals and fools as guru"|"so-called gurus, rascals"|"rascal as guru"|"gurus,rascals"|"gurus are either rascals"|"a rascal. He's not guru"|"rascals who is not guru"|"rascals, they are becoming guru"

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